Jan 17, 2023

✨🔮⏰ (Tarot by Janine cards on) 🔝 200 yrs old Cabal-Cloning = will be reformed 🔛 2023 shutdown, interruptions or Internet Outages = called "Bank Cyberattacks" - to install new "system." 🔛 The U.S. IRS taxes scheme and scam, and similar systems world wide dying a slow death? = by fall of 2023 it goes down 🔛 U.S. Mega Millions Money laundering = "Jackpot Lottery"🔚 ~ Jan 17, 2023 (SOTW; It really irritates me when TBJ hits on ppl with no money, like myself. I know she's not talking to me, but ppl who complain day after day they can't manifest or fearful abt. missing abundance. She has abundance - yes - 18K subscribers x $5 = $90K per month. Plus YT invites and Tip Jars, Beyond Mystic Silver Bars and mechanise etc. Good for her! Has Janine gone wacko on the Flat Earth theory? It's the third time she talks abt it. This time she mention or mix the Flat Earth with Torus field + Middle Earth + Landmases is much larger than we know abt. Fracking or freaking unbelievable? In DK there's a guy Ole Lochmann who's 52 years old. He is a trained carpenter and psychotherapist and have 20.000 followers or Flat Earthers. He's been in every single MSM outlet and on TV etc. etc. I think their are nuts. And I have spend 25 yrs looking into this subject - however- I could be dead wrong. In my humble opinion, It is one of the BIGGEST PSYOP since 9/11 and The word "conspiracy theory" was invented by the CIA in the 1950's to discredit people who think for themselves. who’s Trying to debate. Buuuuttt I've play along and will ask my H-S (Higher Self) today once again, helped by my holistic ND with 50 yrs of experience) ~ |

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