Jan 8, 2023

⚔️πŸ†šπŸ•Š️ (Putin says 'war' – aloud – instead of 'special military operation') 333 DAYS Between Start Of Ukraine War And Jan. 20, 2023! ~ Jan 8, 2023 (SOTW; Russian Official: Put "Zircon Hypersonic Missiles . . . 100 Miles from Potomac River"? 2nd version or doppelganger Putin controlled by WHs, calls for Orthodox Christmas truce & mobilize another 500K men. Lord Voldemort's Zelensky in Washington & Nazi-Nato allies rejects and escalate the War into WIII? Why haven't we seen an end to this conflict by Victory Day (9 May), 2022 as Putin promised the world? Because "Cabal" with U.S. Inc. and Military–industrial complex to send $275 million in military aid to Ukraine of 2023 and NATO chief, warmonger Jens Stoltenberg, Bilderberger's KGB "Steklov" worries war could become wider conflict. no shit, Sherlock! The very last battleground might be Cabal in the west with CIA controlled Ukraine vs. BRIC's in the East for Planetary Liberation. Putin has already destroyed D.U.M.B.s, tens of thousands Nazi-troops, Pyramids that belonged to Evil it self by aggressive Aliens, HQ of Cabal and there's over 40 biolabs owned and controlled by Cabal) ~ |

DENAZIFICATION - LEGAL BASIS - UN Charter Chapter-17 (rumble.com)


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Date: Saturday, 7-Jan-2023 15:28:59

Heads Up! There are 333 DAYS between the start of the Ukraine war (22/02/2022) and 20/01/2023! Your media love 33s and 333s. When something happens remember I called it!

Also: 322 days after 22/02/2022 is January 10, 2023 (Skull & Crossbones club).

You will see a big lie in the media related to this war overseas in 13 days or less. Huge.

Please stop believing lies.
Please have the strength to turn social media off.
Please have the strength to put your phone in black/white mode.

This social media war in the Ukraine has got to stop.
The US loses big when Russia wins that war..

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