Jan 8, 2023

🌌🖖✨ ('Gospel of Q. Written 500K yrs ago by The Council of the Seven Sages of the World.') Q CHRONICLES ASSASINATION ATTEMPT STAR TREK MAJESTIC 12 CONNECTIONS Jan 8, 2023 (SOTW; Yda I watched "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)" since there's shitty movies all the time on the telly (Tel-lie-vision) and my internet is broken bad and I can't get into Fan Expos, World Fares, Comic-Con events or Star Trek conventions in Denmark or EU. First 15 min in below video is very interesting abt Star Trek: The Q Continuum. How, Leslie Stevens & Gene Roddenberry, created Star Trek series. Btw, I recall on SoTW Dr. Michael Salla (and Alex Collier) in which, I've meet a few times, talks abt it was Rodenberry, who based Star Trek, on Secret US Navy Space Fleet and how the Star Trek franchise was his relationship with a mysterious extraterrestrial group calling itself the 'Council of Nine' that were being channeled by the psychic Phyllis Schlemmer in the 1970s. Dr. Salla also talks abt William Shatner, globally revered for his role as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek franchise, being launched into space on October 13 2021, a likely cover for him playing a significant role in unfolding events on Ganymede (which is a whole other story). Anywho, after 15 min until end 30 min it gets a bit crazy and Sarge, laugh himself silly, abt true, but bizarre things, that has nothing to do with Star Trek) ~ |

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