Dec 14, 2022

☢️⚛️๐Ÿ’ซ (Soft SSP Disclosure?) US scientists achieve nuclear fusion breakthrough ~ Dec 14, 2022 ~ |

Editor's note: just in the nick of time when the world facing an MAJOR Cabal created energy problem! Hmm. Fusion energy? UFO technology may soon be revealed through the American study of programs dealing with it since the 1940s, which Literature Times Christopher Sharp talks about. Whether the UFO secrets are coming to the public is another matter. But we'll soon have endless "green" energy. Among the secret 6000 US patents of suppressed technologies? Elon Musk will save the day? Not likely today, but everything could change, tomorrow. You see, sometimes – unfortunately – it boils down to, whether you want to be bought up or broken down by 'Big Oil'. In 2016 a Greek Physicists named Mr. Petros Zografos and his amazing invention that promises inexhaustible energy from water, could completely revolutionize the Energy Industry, if the 'Big Energy Establishment', allows it (just like Elon Musk, but on Big Oil's terms). Something Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, PhD Jacob Trier Frederiksen, fusion specialist, still today, REFUSES to acknowledge Petros Zografo invention. Many, many times curious, ingenious minds, working with/inventors of free energy devices as hydrogen powered cars, free energy electric water power generator turbine, cold fusion, superconductivity' and magnetic motors etc. have a tendency to disappear, from earth.. It's called 'Free energy suppression'.. and they will terminale you, if you go public)...| 


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