Dec 14, 2022

⚽๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ‘€ (Watch-World Cup Final Dec 18th 2022. Sergio Busquets connected to Spain's ex-King Juan Carlos & Prince William is not son of 'King' Charles III) JANINE MORIGEAU, Ana & Tom NUMBERS ~ Dec 14, 2022 (SOTW; It's a repeat of World News Dec 11, 2022, when Janine says something MAJOR will happened on Dec 18 when half the earth population is watching. April of 2023 desired time for military tribunals. Another fun fact is that "Kirstie Alley" is NOT dead protected by White Hats - was born a boy (no surprise) at age 3 had an inversion. There's soooo much more. Is Janine now a "Flat-Earther"? OMG! At least she says Earth is "other dimensions". Jair Bolsonaro is protected and was brought from 'the past into future' [back to the future]. Donald Trump was "created" and is a unique hybrid born into a Cabal elites familie. They tested him, and educated him taken him into the future [time-travel] and he said yes to be the leader we see today. JFK travled from a 'star' or other dimension and his kids was hidden all over the world - brought from the past into the future as a 'galactic helper' or 'superman') ~ |

Ex-Spanish King Juan Carlos had nearly 5,000 lovers: retired colonel (
Why Prince Harry Is Rumored To Not Be Prince Charles’ Son Despite Resemblance (
Prince William son of juan king - Brave Search

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