Nov 22, 2022

🧑‍🏫🌌 ('I can't stress this enough: Go out into nature, do your 'praying- meditation, clearing work' and Process Oriented Therapy.' ~ James) As You Wish Talk Radio & Tv w/ James Gilliland Stargate ECETI ~ Nov 22, 2022 (SoTW; As James says - it's all abt frequency and Intend. Focus on Love, Joy and Bliss. Elimin. your shadow side & past traumas etc. Oh wauv! Amazing Q&A. Might wanna start at 31 min. marker to understand what James / ECETI is all abt - 40 yrs experience. James referencing "GraceTime TV" on rumble and "Praying Medic". Btw, I've meet James on a 5 days conference in Mt. Shasta. Also been in C.O.B.R.A R.M. school so I understand all the ancient esoteric spirituality teachings and knowledge and live be it. Even sometime, i'd be pulled into the 'Drama' and 3-D unloving emotions because Planetary Liberation, takes soooo darn long - unbearable, to say at least. And yes, Anger Management or meditation could do me good😉 Buuutt, i'm a trauma freed individual with no; lust, greed, anger, attachment, ego, jealousy or any narcissistic personality disorder, not like my old friends and bosses - at one time I belonged to that category, in the old days) ~ |


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