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Two Interesting Cases from the MUFON Case Management System Currently being Investigated

By Bob Spearing

Case # 123176 took place in Singapore on June 26,2022. The witness submitted an intriguing photograph showing an elongated diamond shaped red pillar of light in the night sky.
Singapore is an island, a city and a country in Asia bordering Malaysia at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. It
is a highly industrialized city with Air Force Bases, Commercial Airports and a variety of industrial
complexes all crammed onto the tiny island.
MUFON had seen this type of phenomenon before. It looked very similar to the flame usually associated
with an oil refinery burning off excess gas at refineries. The logical thing to do was to check if any oil
refineries were within a reasonable distance of the witness.
Our investigation showed that Jurong Island, 15 miles southeast of the witness housed a massive EXXON
Oil Refinery. The witness stated he was looking east.
Case # 123176 is being closed as an IFO (Identified Flying Object - actually a man-made phenomenon).

However, things get more intriguing in the African Country of Mauritius where a witness in Case #
120103 on January 1, 2022 submitted an extraordinary narrative to MUFON.
Mauritius is an island country in East Africa in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar and Reunion Island
which is a hotbed of UFO activity. The case is being investigated by our National Director there
Johnathan Hague. The witness narrative is as follows:
“The first time I saw it, it was about 100m with light. The next day I saw it again, I was scared but I
approached it. It was landed near foot of the mountain. I runaway to my home. The third time was after
two days. Again, it landed but this time I approach the maximum I can but hiding also. The thing that I
took attention was I saw symbol of triangle and circle. When I made all around the object, I saw two
window glass. It was something like dark glass, then I saw two things like humanoid. They were long
with big head like helmet of cyclist. After that I felt like I was unconscious. When I wake up, they were
gone. After maybe 3 months, I saw them again. Some people who have cattle, said that 4 or 5 animals
are missing.”
What the reader should note is that cyclist helmeted beings are quite common in UFO reports. A cattle
mutilation in the middle of the Indian Ocean is extremely rare. But more reports of logos of triangles
within circles are widely documented.
In the first of two correlating reports, the first from Renton Washington in 2005, 2 short grotesque
entities with lightbulb shaped heads and slits for mouths abduct a woman. They are no taller than 5 feet
with very long arms and only 4 fingers. They are wearing blue grey metallic uniforms and had an insignia
on their chest of an isosceles triangle in a white circle.

At Mount Pleasant, Michigan on March 8, 2015, the witness awoke sensing someone was in his house
and spied two small beings. He is levitated through his wall to a star. In a sort of pseudo-sexual
abduction, the witness awakes next to an entity. The entity named ZETA informs him he has made a
child for the future of Earth. ZETA was wearing a shiny spandex outfit with a triangle and circle insignia
on it.
What that symbol means is still not understood.
When several reports of similar symbols and insignia are found in the UFO literature, it creates a basis
for a pattern even if these reports are years apart and thousands of miles away from each other. With
the advent Artificial Intelligence at our doorstep, perhaps the near future will provide MUFON and other
researchers with the tools to finally analyze these patterns in a meaningful way. John Keel would be
pleased! He had the right idea but was decades too early to see it come to fruition.

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