Oct 24, 2022

💝 (Joke's on me: Ukraine's Vidbir aka Eurovision held from bomb shelter. New UK PM Rishi-Richer than the royals, tax scandal, green card etc. 🤦) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ 24. Oct 2022 ~ P.S. 2nd last enclosed picture was taken from my rental car, early morning, starting point in East Phoenix. SoTW wearing the UFO Congress golden phoenix logo t-shirt, in the horizon, the mythical (chemtrail) bird Phoenix rising from the ashes going to Fort McDowell, AZ? Can you see it? Both Jay and myself went to same High School not same year and played american football 1987 & 89. I'd suck at it... |

Me in front, Jay in back - Sedona, AZ (year unkown) before he died of leukemia. RIP my friend (only pic of me on Verdensalt.dk)

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