Sep 7, 2022

πŸ•‰️✨πŸ’• ~ (Sphere-Earth, Bashar/Darryl not-2-be-trusted, Fiat Money Gold standard, Future-First Contact, Elon Musk is good) Galactic Federation: Q&A with Val Nek (Megan Rose) ~ | Blogger: The "Naysayers, Normies or Muggles" from the public-eye or "Alex, Elena, Salla, JP and Dani"-clan, please skip this video instead of being negative... I loooove Megan - buuutt video is from June of 2022 - please be aware according to my DK-friend... Important is that First Contact and other things will not happen now but in a future timeline, because, HUmanity is like a "underdeveloped country or race" and not ready (basically) something like that Val Nek said. And I do agree on SoTW, however, still so frustrated and sad, that "things" are going to slow "G/NESASA, RV, Med-Beds, Solar Flash/Ascension, Timeline split. etc. etc.". All I can say on SoTW is, that the majority of Mother GAIA's Earthlings, have not woken up yet and if we're to receive a "galactic package-of-gifts" our avatar-body + subconscious mind + undeveloped junk-DNA (hidden 12 strands of DNA) are not ready or can't cope with it all. Think about it. IF you would to see a spaceship land and out come a benevolent E.T. 99% would have a anaphylactic shock and think about an alien invasion. Our subconscious and avatar body cannot handle strong emotional and traumatic events, but our "consciousness mind" can. Just my humble opinion... |

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