Sep 7, 2022

QπŸ“²πŸ€— ~ (Viral Video: 'Deep September'?) Musk's Reaction & Genius solution to NASA's SLS leak failure-The real reasons SpaceX uses new fuel! (SpaceX Inc.) ~ | Blogger: We know for a fact, Elon Musk, is working for benevolent "Earth Alliance" and the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) knows of him (Tarot by Janine, Mrs. Fielding and maaany others, Val Nek says is one of the good guys)... We also "wish for", Tesla Phone and StarLink, should be provided for HUmanity for FREE. Right now, the "Starlink package or Kit" is very expensive and "QPhone or Tesla Phone" could be too. Would it help, after releasing some of the 6000 secret free-energy patent?... "" (really??)... Anyway, one YT-channel (A.I. censor algorithm) has already closed the account (below picture). Same video but different titles, on many YT channels (Tesla Corp. + SpaceX Inc.)... Confusing... Soooo, what I understand, IFA 2022 in Germany, has announced TESLA PHONE - looks like the 1980s mobile phone... Charlie Ward told us that 6 billion QPHONES has been produced... Michelle Fielding has more proof that QPHONE is ready and out in the public... Dr. Salla told us, that Musk tweeted a picture taken from a SpaceX civilian mission into low Earth Orbit... Video below, is about inflation and how fast BitCoin can beat inflation. Elon also talks about Europe and negative interest rates and what it costs Tesla Europe today and what they could save by only trading with BitCoin (SoTW personally think BitCoin is a 'controlled' currency and NSA has a backdoor but do believe that cryptocurrency is our future)... Btw, recommended watching "INTERNET BLACKOUT, CONFISCATED METALS AND STORAGE FEARS" - guys behind "Goldbusters" and Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward (i never watch 'sponsor' videos but this one is good)... |

Elon Musk on Twitter: "" / Twitter
Elon Musk Tweet Reveals Solar Warden/Earth Alliance Spacecraft » Exopolitics
Did Bezos, Branson & Musk secretly travel to Jupiter for negotiations with the Galactic Federation? » Exopolitics
Internet Blackout, Confiscated Metals and Storage Fears... (

(3) YouTube


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