Sep 17, 2022

🧈 (Scare-Wars & Storms: RV, QFS, GCR, Silver & Gold-member) Fancy-pants: Farger can you hear meee! 'Preparation H goes ahead as planned. I'm going to flood the Earth!' Trump: 'The storm is coming'. Charlie Ward: 'Queen was first domino.' Pelosi going to Armenia. Biden invites PM Mette F. to the White House. ~ 17. September 2022 ~ |

Editor's Note: "Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today". Do you feel like reliving ‘Groundhog Day’? Is our life like The Truman Show? True Cabal plot in Austin Powers "Goldmember" who designed a tractor beam, called Preparation H, to pull a molten meteor of gold to earth, striking the polar icecaps, consequently flooding the Earth... “Strongest storm in over a decade” approaching western Alaska not seen in 10 years... We can read about storm and extreme weather here for EuropeNational Weather Service. For the rest of the world - here!  World known Bankers and advisers and FedEx CEO says he expects the economy to enter a ‘worldwide recession’... Turkey mobilizing 45,000 reserve troops toward armenia border; IRAN mobilizing army with heavy armor to same area... NEWS: Ukraine, Russia, Donbass, [Sep 15, 2022 at 19:24]...  “We are saving Israel for last.” – Q. Or is it Denmark for last?... Joe Biden has invited Mette Frederiksen to the White House (BS story?)... N-O-T-H-I-N-G this morning in Denmark has happen yet buuutt in America, it's still very  dark and in middle of the night. I have become an early riser for some time! Nada. Nothing. Zero. Zip. No new info on telegrams, social media, mass-media, ATM is working fine! Simon (and the Dr. Charlie Ward clan) pulling our leg? Shops and supermarket is open as always. Time will tell... | 

P.S. Latest from CC Denmark directly 17/9 2022 translated from Mighty Network and given permission for sharing:

Dear CC Members, Message from Simon: "There is a strong possibility that all financial institutions will be temporarily closed within the next few days, possibly starting this weekend. We are advised to have cash on hand, as well as food, water, pet food and alternative ways of cooking. Payment for goods or services electronically or via credit or debit card is expected to be temporarily blocked. If demonstrations occur, CC members are encouraged to attend, but if things turn violent or if weapons are included, please return home immediately. This activity is expected to be temporary only, possibly days, not weeks. More information will be made available as it becomes available."

New Benjamin Fulford & David Rodriguez: Trump's Arrest, Death of the Queen, Confusing Times, Change of Power | Prophecy | Before It's News (

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