Sep 16, 2022

⚠️ (English speaking countries!) Minutes ago and out of nowhere Simon Parkes has alerted country coordinators there's a very high possibility the banking systems will shut down this weekend ~ 16. September 2022 ~ |

Editor's Note:  According to Danish CC group Simon Parkes received once in lifetime Pentagon-message. At first he was told that it would be on 23/9, but then this evening received a message from the Pentagon with the message "NOW"Get your house in order, he says. We know that there can be uncertainties and we are all tired of predictions. However, he says that he has not received such a message before. It is possible that the English-speaking countries will be hit the hardest. Regardless, there is nothing wrong with having some food, gas and cash. 

P.S. SoTW can only confirm the Danish 350 CC members (only 30 active) that has the app Signal has been alerted. And nobody has told me, that I can't share this. If you want to act or reject - it's entirely up to you. My house is already in order and I'm always prepared... |  

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