Sep 8, 2022

🙏 ~ 💝 ('Next 14 dys of Pantomime + total Cabal-Collapse') Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [👉"Charlie Ward insiders club wed, 7th September 2022 with David Mahoney"👈] ... Sorry can't find this on Charlies site or anywhere else... Do you feel the "Cold Winter 2022 Great Depression"?.. If you're having a bad day, this particular video will cheer you up!... As always, people do not have the time or patience to watch-and-learn. You can find a recap or summery at the 50 minute marker. But it's highly recommended to watch the entire 1 hour show, because it got me in a super good mood while doing my MTB-run... And yes, they both talked about Denmark and the Danish debt... Highlights: 👉Swift operation next 14 days for Taiwan (DUMBs, Child Sex Trafficking, Biolabs)... 👉 The 'Special Operations' is over in Ukraine. Russia is rebuilding houses for the Ukrainians. Russia did not take Kyiv or any governmental body 👉China’s economy headed for largest meltdowns ever bigger than 2008 and will take the whole world with them, says Charlie... 👉September 11 attacks was suppose to start G/NESARA but stole the Gold. (Mahoney says watch the movie: "Die Hard with a Vengeance" and Simon tells McClane that there are $13,000,000,000 of gold in the dump truck)... 👉Suddenly, Diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline.... 👉John Podesta has been arrested and working for the WH - singing like a canary - one of the big, big, players within Cabal... 👉Trump do not misspell, make errors - listen to every single word and move he makes... 👉Mainstream media (MSM) is being cleansed as we speak. Big changes for CEO facing death penalty... 🤒Charlie ended by saying he's going to bed now, sick like a dog. Thanks to Charlie and David. Get well Charlie... |

What happens now the Queen has died? Operation Unicorn is triggered after Her Majesty died at Balmoral not London: Royal Train is sent to convey her coffin back to London, Scottish Parliament is suspended and Britain enters 10 days of official mourning

'God Save the Queen 

God Save the King

God Save The Fall of the House of Cabal.

EVERYTHING will change now. 

No more evil reptilian energy

Liberation of Zion. Collapsing the Fourth Reich Europe.' ~ SoTW

As Charlie said: "The Queen died in 2018 - Biden in 2019." 

Schumann Resonance Today ⚡️ 61 Hrs Blackout - Disclosure News

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