Sep 8, 2022

⚠️⚡🌀🏭 ~ ("Climate-Change" ops) MAJOR False Flag Event is Coming | Separate Theaters of War are Converging | Turbulence Ahead (QNewsPatriot) ~ | Blogger: (SoTW) - USA and 17 cities FF ops, WORSE than 9/11??... I have been inside WTC in New York a couple of time, back in the days. My exchange student and CBS college DK-friend called me before WTC 1+2 collapsed and he almost cried on the phone on the day of September 11 attacks... We're heard this maaany times over - the biggest take down in history will be first in America and after that, the rest of the world will fall... It's the end of the world. Again. And again. Over 50 years of 'doom and gloom.' - the apocalypse is always at hand. The Deepstaters or Cabal are calling it "2022 Cold Winter". Last year, it was called "Dark Winter". Well, maaany patriots and truthers out there has shared this video over and over and now including Tarot by Janine. However, I personally do not think we're gonna re-live a new 9/11. Scare-event - yes - but nobody need to evacuate. Janine calls it a continuation or wake-up "scare tactics". Btw, QNewsPatriot and all the groups Janine is posting is "good", she says or the card reads it that way... |

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