Sep 3, 2022

⚔️⛽🛢️🏭 ~ (Don't forget there's ongoing war & what we're up against) Misc. News and Reports 9/2/22 PM (Rumor Mill News) ~ | Blogger: What have you learn in School today?... Sad story - could be, but these are the facts Jack. Every minute in the western hemisphere media circus there's a story that Putin (2nd clone) and the Russian nations (+ BRICS) who's portrayed as the "brutal killers" of the world and USA Inc. NWO with NATO, EU are the BEST never to be defeated, has become "sudden" close neighbor and allies to Ukraine. Yes, U.S.S.R. with their many leaders and 1st original "Putin" could have been really bad for HUmanity. Stalin killed millions - worst man-made famine in History - worse than Hitler (that was a Rothchild)?. Was is really Gorbachev and Reagan's friendship that helped thaw the Cold War? As far as I know, since Reichskommissariat Ukraine and during World War II, was a Nazi German-occupied Ukraine and today still is controlled by 4th Reich Nazies and CIA. That, and of course, Ukraine, has one of the biggest CABAL's hideout, with 40 western funded biolabs, Pyramids, that holds pure evil 4-D entities and DUMBs lair and much, much more. That is just my own opinion (and other truthers). My former wife was from Ukraine, very pretty and clever, but hated the Russians, like the plague. She was taught in the school, family and friends, to hate Russia. I have been both in Russia (Saint Petersburg) and Ukraine (Odessa) on vacation. But she also said to me, that Ukraine, is 100% corrupted and you can't trust the governmental body. Later I've learned, that the Ukraine’s Orange Revolution of 2005 was sparked by the election fraud and US, was behind it. Later, there's so much credible evidence, that Ukraine's 2014 revolution was due to a CIA coup. And we could go on that road, until there's no pavement... The Masters of American propaganda and the military–industrial complex (MIC) cannot STOP Russia (and the White Hats). Not in Ukraine, not what they did after the Kazakhstan fall - second largest Illuminati Capital of the New World Order & Bitcoin stronghold overthrown. Because of all that, the rest of the World, has to suffer. Putin is carrying out the trash together with gold-backed currency BRIC nations. The 13 blood-line banking families, trying, until last-man-standing, to stop them all, but there's no stopping Russia and BRICs (in my humble opinion)... |

Misc. News and Reports 9/2/22 PM

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Friday, 2-Sep-2022 14:07:15

Iran’s official news agency IRNA confirmed reports of a huge explosion at Abadan Refinery, the largest one in Iran, saying the blast was caused by a technical failure.

Nine ammunition depots and two Russian command posts have been destroyed over the past day.


Americans are struggling as inflation has surged to a new four-decade high because of rising prices for gas, food, and rent.


Ukraine makes early ‘tactical gains’ in long battle to retake Kherson (translation: we made a suicide attack and lost thousands of soldiers, and now we are bogged down and can't move any further, so it was a "tactical" military move. So, send us more money and weapons)

U.S. official: An Iranian Navy warship pulled two U.S. sail drones out of the water on Thursday, covered them with tarps, and denied having any U.S. property before returning them on Friday to the U.S. warships that converged on the scene

The fifth reactor of Ukraine's Russian-occupied #Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant was reconnected to Ukraine's grid on Friday, a day after it shut down due to shelling near the site - Energoatom

Taiwan set for talks with Japan to evacuate 20,000 of its citizens if China invades

G7 finance ministers agree on a plan to impose a price cap on Russian oil (according to Russian reports, they will not accept price caps on fuel they sell. That means they will stop all flow of oil and gas to countries that will place price caps on Russian fuel)

White House: "When you are not with what majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme. That is an extreme way of thinking." (Spokene by a lesbian, not from America, telling Americans what they think is the majority view)

The Russian Foreign Ministry: America is getting close to being a party to the Ukrainian war, which makes the consequences dire.

The Russian Foreign Ministry: America is getting close to being a party to the Ukrainian war, which makes the consequences dire.

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