Aug 23, 2022

🦹‍♂️⛓️✨ ~ (BREAKING FAUCISM) Dr. Evil or Dr. Death is Steeping Down. One of the Unholy Five Men and Woman; Crooked Clinton, Obummer, Nobama, 4th Reich Bush Sr. and the Black Pope - Superior General of the Society of Jesus (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Finally some good news... At least according to the lying MSM media, White House expert, 81, who has led National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, are leaving December to ‘pursue next chapter’ of career... Buuutt, in the truth-movement and the awareness of clone factories (most are destroyed by White Hats), we all know better. He's properly been executed by hanging (door knob) just like Bill Gates. Anthony Fauci, who's not really a doctor, has been involved in the creation of Bioweapon Program since forever, as of HIV, Ebola, SARS and now COVID-19 etc... RFK Jr: Fauci funded nefarious evidence hiding technique to Chinese scientists to stop Bioweapon discovery... Laura is saying that we're moving closer and closer to a MAJOR event. August 30th 2022 told by Tom Numbers? Anyone thinking of 9/11 anniversary false flag of 2022? November 5th, people are remembering V for Vendetta & Guy Fawkes?... |

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