Aug 22, 2022

🀭❤️‍πŸ”₯ ~ ('Lvl 25 of the Great Awakening. We're all tired, sweating, when will it all end.') Laughing through the Great Awakening: Undoing Black Magic (Megan Rose) πŸ’•~ | Blogger: O-M-God! My own mood barometer rose significantly, after her light and short burst of giggles, laughter and happiness, drives the Evil cohorts of Satanic worshippers away (Didn't they get the memo? Satan and his brother Lucifer has left Earth and gone back to their home planets). One of the VERY BEST of Megan. Just what I needed this morning (since Tarot by Janine has left us for Haida Gwaii and we barely hear from her anymore). As one commenter said; Megan you are so beautiful, I love your energy and humour. And as Janine, SoTW, have left Denmark as well. Dinar Chronicles Judy will not post in the weekends anymore, that Dr. Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes follows, all the time (why?). As you know, Simon Parkes and Janine's YT channel is gone - censored and removed? (A White Hats op?). On the outside world, Same O, Same O. Nothing and I mean N-O-T-H-I-N-G is going on after the destruction of CABAL's 'Stonehenge' satanic Guidestones, shot down by Pleiadian starships (Nordic Aliens). Right now, 97% of US executives believe US is now in a recession or close to one, despite fakery actor Joe-the Moe Biden's consistent denials and the world is going down the shitter. Energy and food crisis is over us and more pain on the way, as Globalists are going for a "Operation Dark Winter 2001" (like 2020 or WH lockdown - watch video)... Where's the White Hats? When will (deceased) celebs step out of the shadow and show themselves to the public? (Lady Di, Michael Jackson, Elvis and John McAfee etc.). Will the inner Earth people ever come up to the surface? (Agartha, a legendary city at the Earth's core often tied to Eastern mysticism). Why haven't we seen First Contact? (are HUmans not ready?). Today Esbjerg Harbor in Denmark can become a new hub for NATO when units from the 1st Armored Division's Combat Aviation Brigade arrive in Europe. For what??? - extend the war or WIII in Ukraine against Russia or White Hat troops?. Do we have to wait for 2023 or 2024 or 2025 for this "shitshow" to end? When will I be able to talk to my own dad about the MAJOR spiritual Paradigmshift for a New Golden Age of Gaia timeline?. And like i told my friend yesterday, I will not wait until 2023. Yes, I'm inpatient, but have been in the truth-movement for 20 yrs ++ and Enough is Enough... Btw, I went to Movie theater and watched "Bullet Train". Not sure what to think - cry or laugh with a "dead" Brad Pitt’s GQ magazine cover stars as Ladybug and a very, very, very bad made CGI-Sandra Bullock... |

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