Jul 4, 2022

✨ ~ πŸ’“ ('New Nyla Report: Matrix is Collapsing. Cabal replace police officers with RoboCops. Q and Rachel Chandler [Handler].') NY POLICE MASS EXODUS, DUTCH FARMERS PROTESTING, G. MAXWELL 3RD CONSPIRATOR, AND MORE (3D to 5D Consciousness) πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: SoTW do like the Canadian Nyla Nguyen, online personal trainer, fitness model/competitor, and an entrepreneur, because she seems to be no (spiritual) bullshitter! She will not lure you in her spiritual enterprise with heavy fees, for her, telling the (truth)... PS: Did you know, that Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell had a 'relationship' which gave her 'unrestricted access' to Buckingham Palace??... |

Prince Andrew gave Ghislaine Maxwell 'unrestricted access' to Buckingham Palace, ex-officer claims  | Daily Mail Online

There has been a mass exodus of NY police officers, they can’t keep up with the departure of officers. Dutch farmers are not having the WEF agenda of decreasing certain gas to prevent climate change. They are spray government buildings with manure. G Maxwell has been ratting out on her co-horts hence that’s why she has a reduced sentencing of 20 years. There’s a 3rd conspirator involved in this honey pot operation. Another country has joined Texas and Maricopa County in decertification of 2020 election. It appears the US Supreme Court has flipped and is working for the White Hats with all its latest rulings. FCC is wanting Apple and Google to get rid of TikTok due to national securities issues. We got evidence now that plants are conscious beings.

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