Jul 8, 2022

😎πŸ₯³✌️ ~ (Deepfake Queen-Lizzie & Scientologist Tom Cruise: 'Nah Nah Nah' That's IMPOSSIBLE!) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ πŸ’• | Blogger: Friday even more freakier than freaky..... According to Julie (JANINE & JeanClaude) beneath The Georgia Guidestones there's a time capsule buried under the tablet which will be VERY healing for HUmanity. Janine adds that with tarot cards and, "uniqueness" card of importance hidden underground of GG. Also, Trumps' "return with tweet: "Coming back... Fall of 2022... maybe sooner... get ready! Janine says, Mr. T. will be back sooner, than later... Btw Dr Salla is now saying what SoTW has mention on the blog. DEW destroyed the Georgia Guidestones rather than chemical explosives. Some calling it an act of God—more likely one of the secret space programs used a DEW to initiate action against Deep State... |


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