Jul 6, 2022

πŸ‘Ό ~ πŸ’— (The Collective: Time Grows Shorter to NESARA Full Enactment) A Message to Lightworkers (Caroline Oceana Ryan Newsletter - Excerpts only) πŸ’•~ |


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

We have spoken a great deal lately on the great renewal and rebirth that this Earth and all Her beings are experiencing now.

Not surprisingly, this has created expressions of upheaval on the planet that are also unprecedented for this era.

These events require an unusual form of calm, of allowing and accepting, on the part of Light Bringers.

In fact, you are many days expressing levels of inner strength and resilience that you might have preferred to have never needed! You aware that the past 10 years or more have represented a noticeable shift in the Universal era, and that the passage out of the Kali Yuga, the Age of Destruction, has not always been a smooth one.

And so, now you are wondering, Is this becoming a way of life? Or is there a final Light at the end of the tunnel? One that’s not an oncoming train?

Ah, some humor in this question! Yet also a tiredness, that so much has been happening, without obvious victory on the part of the Light.

We will say, that the time grows increasingly shorter between all of you and NESARA’s full enactment, yet there are stresses you wish us to address.

Recently we were asked what would become of everyone’s finances, if the banks decided to absorb their customers’ funds to save themselves, an action allowable by law in the United States, and many other countries.

And of course, laws protecting the old power structure, including the old economic forms, were created by those who feel they have the most to lose, once their own machinations brought forward one form of economic collapse or another.

Many of these are movements orchestrated by the old power structure, yet the collapse is occurring far more on that very crowd.

They have schemed to once again bring things to the dust, so that they are in a position to pluck whatever assets remain and claim them for themselves, while the rest struggle.

Understandably, you have all lived many lives where you saw this occur, time and again. Much practice at seeing familiar structures fail, in one life after another, has taught you caution, stress, and even fear.

Yet this time, you are aware on a very deep level, is different to the nth degree. This era carries a Light and a higher purpose, breaking through the old facade of deception, that no other Earth era has known.

So then the question becomes, Which do you really belong to—the old Earth, or the New one?

It is so that very little of what is occurring now will make sense to you, or seem to be acceptable.

If you expect that the delusions of regularity and sameness would continue—that the outer structures of Earth life would simply carry on unperturbed, till one magical day when NESARA is announced, we can tell you—

This cannot be so. Humanity's increasing loss of freedoms was intentionally permitted by your race long ago, when the great experiment of duality was allowed in, for the experiences and new forms of self-knowledge it would bring you as individuals, as cultures, and as a planetary species.

It may feel unbelievable to you now, that you could ever wish for the violence, destruction, and despair that humanity has endured for centuries.

And indeed, you did not wish for the extremes of the third dimensional experience!—not to the level which you and your planet have experienced.

And so a call was sent out, by Earth and by your own soul groups, asking for assistance in freeing the planet from those forces who had carried things too far. And you yourselves were amongst those who answered, to assist the planet and protect Her from further destruction, and to assist humanity in taking part in the Light frequencies reaching you now, originating from the Great Central Sun.

These frequencies could have been enough to break up the human construct, to be too powerful for the Earth to sustain Herself within, while the usurper power structure worked its greatest density—and so, you came forward to assist.

It is the work of Light Beings such as yourselves that has sustained humanity as you have moved from a place of dark despair, and unsustainable forms of life—one that was leading to your planet’s disintegration—to a form of life that is transitioning to a fifth dimensional level.

This is not "magic." Not some unexplained, unexpected joyful moment that suddenly erupts and lifts everyone witnessing it to new heights, without explanation, and without any guarantee of permanent change, without active engagement on your part.

This is very real. As sure as you breathe in this moment, dear ones, you are saving your planet, your human race, and your own souls' own integral structures, by the Light you carry and install deep into the Earth and all living systems, purely by your presence.

We will not describe what would have occurred on your Earth, had you and many others not come forward at this time, enjoining many in the higher realms to assist, along with millions of benevolent extradimensional and extraterrestrial beings.

From all over the galaxy, and throughout this Universe, you and they have answered the call to come forth and assist at a time when life hung so precariously in the balance.

Your presence and that of others, including the Ashtar Command, has meant the avoidance of the extremes that Earth life might have been brought to, had you not come forward at this time.

Yes, you are that powerful and yes, this was your intention, on a higher level.

And so again we ask, To which do you belong? The old Earth, or the New one?

And of course, you will say the New Earth.

Yet you are feeling some days that the loss of the old Earth is too extreme—too much of a jolt.

You would desire that economic systems remain as they were, as that is most comforting—that all remain as they always have been, however unequal and unjust those systems were, as that is what you have known for centuries.

You would prefer that relationships, jobs, health systems, even governments, remain as they were for the most part, till that lovely moment when All Is Well.

Yet we assure you, the roots of the old system have had to be pulled up fully before the New, living constructs could be planted.

For one, the soil, air, and water must be purified, and the obvious need for the change made plain to the vast majority of humanity.

And so then the challenge becomes not only to remain patient and calm during great shifts and upheavals, but to welcome or at least accept the quakes and shakes of great change.

These shakeups are those exact reorganizations that are bringing in the Divine New Earth social, economic, environmental, and political structures you have long envisioned.

Amidst the tumult you see now, note how those who have long corrupted your systems have created a structure that has served only a tiny minority, suppressing the natural Joy, gifts, intentions, dreams, and inherent rights of the great majority.

Be aware that many in that majority would greatly doubt and dismiss the importance of great change—the need for it—without first being made aware of why a new Divine Law must be established now.

Most of the human race would have preferred to stay in struggle, as that is all they have known for thousands of years,

The power and pull of the familiar has been their safe refuge from the uncertainty of change.

And yet—Change has come, and far more on the way!

You who stand quite consciously in the Light are aware of this, yet judge the changes that are occurring as too much, too dark or difficult, too strenuous and full of uncertainty—and where is that beautiful New Earth so many have dreamt of for so long?

We will explain, that it is within you, friends!

You are the ones birthing it in the present moment.

Bringing it in with your expectations, your warmth and kindness, your being "illogically" happy (for no reason), and your dedication to establishing calm and inner quiet each morning, before you begin the day. You have invested your life energies not in the unchanging sameness of the old (which has been your cage, not your comfort), but in the New!

Celebrate the shifts—the revelations of a congressional committee’s interviewee, the growing awareness that this country or that must come out of constant war with itself and others, the developments that put the old controllers out of the seats of power, the new level the awareness that human beings must have control over their own bodies.

Much of this is born out of pain, shock, disbelief—and yet, out of these agonizing birth pains, the New Human is born.

You have come to anchor the Light, and you are doing that very thing. This is a far greater journey than sitting and waiting for things to get better!

It is greater than feeling unhappy at seeing the old, false, familiar structure being made to dissolve.

Despite the oppressive reactions of the old power structure, despite the outbursts of violence or bad behavior—open your eyes more fully, and look! The Awakening has come, as evident from the loud clamor the old crowd raise as they are being pulled off of their self-appointed thrones.

Yes, the view at the moment can be grim—and allow it!

Accept it as a cleansing; the most logical and necessary end to a dark era that has lasted thousands of years.

Let these events awaken the masses, while they remind you to remain grounded in a finer, inner reality, without constant reference to outer appearance. For appearance is all it is, friends!

You live in a kind of hologram, where co-Creation of outer life (including Peace and Plenty) await your projected thought, imaging, and expectation. The rest is up to you.

Namaste, dear ones! Look to the skies, and remember Who you are!

You are never alone.

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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