Jul 6, 2022

⊂(´◣﹏◢⊂ )∘˚˳° ~ (America like Denmark and EU...) The Invisible Power Controlling the US Government (Robert W Malone MD, MS) ~ | Blogger: (SoTW outside this report)... What we need in EU and Denmark is a "Trump" + "Jeshua" - The Second Coming + "WhiteHats" to reveal themselves taking the "gloves off". From video" The Universe weighed in on strategies and information truth seekers need regarding those trusted faces/voices who may actually be "controlled opposition." (Laura's View and Tarot, Too). I'm so sick and tired of the whole thing and how it's allowed for Western CABAL leaders to still be in front as the (avatar) puppets and the "hidden-hand" staying in the shadows as the puppetmaster. Satan + Lucifer and Lord Archons has left Earth but the "movie" or "show" is still keeping all Earthlings in "fear-mode" after mass-shootings in Denmark and Chicago. Why, why? Why all the Melodrama "Whitehats and off-worlders"? How the heck are the (BH) or WH allowing (avatar) "BoJo" to lead England or Danish PM "Mink-Mette" slaughtering 17 million innocent minks, during the Occult-October harvesting, as one of the most powerful female-freemasonry at the moment in EU? "London Bridge has NOT Falling Down" yet (Queenie has been death for 2 yrs now) which according to Tom Numbers are "264" (Gematria number). The Pedo-Pope has not resigned yet? Why? He's a CGI - for Christ sake. G7 KM leaders (with their Nazi-NATO and Ukraine Azov fighter neo-Nazi sympathiser) soon to "negotiate a peace treaty", says Benjamin Fulford? Whaaat? Why don't we line them up and (sh0t) them like the Jewish Hit Squad / Jewish Raid Units, in WWII? These leaders HATE HUmanity. They wish a WWIII and 90% of HUmanity gone by depopulation. They have kidnap our children by many hundreds of thousands. Adrenochrome harvested from children in a trafficking rings. European Royals killing naked children for fun at "Human-Hunting Parties". Woman and children is used in satanical rituals, sex industry and cannibalism. They have locked us all up during Corona-crisis and thousands years of satanical ruling, by "Vaksine-KillSh0ts", poising our waters, air and food, created bankster-wars and issued police brutality, illegal imprisonment, stolen our pensions funds etc. etc. You have to be patience SoTW - WhiteHats operates under supervision by off-worlder entities and military orders. 90% of Hollywood A-list actors are gone. Military Tribunals at GITMO are taking out worldly leaders, celebs and satanical Elites - then show me please - where is the proof? Sure, sure. But we have been waiting and waiting and waiting, since Archon invasion in 1996 (Cobra RM) or 2012 phenomenon. My patience is running out. No more baby-steps. We, The People, wish to see some ACTION!... |


One element of inverted totalitarianism is that the administrative state typically inserts stricter and stricter rules and regulations to control the populace. Not at the behest of Congress or the President, but rather by and for the interests of the administrative state itself. Power begets power. We the people are forced into compliance by an unknown and unknowable invisible ruling class, with no way to even understand who, what, or how they are forcing this compliance upon us. As if that is not bad enough, in these modern times, the globalist corporations and financial groups have come to play a larger and larger role in controlling this administrative state.

The Brownstone Institute’s Jeffery Tucker recently wrote an article about an executive order passed by Trump shortly before his departure, which would have enabled huge progress towards reigning in the power of the administrative state. This executive order would have created a federal employee category referred to as “Schedule F”.

This new employee classification system would have included federal workers in "confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating character," which are "not normally subject to change as the result of a presidential transition."

The executive order would have allowed agencies to reclassify policy jobs under a new schedule, and had proposed to give senior managers greater flexibility in hiring candidates and firing employees.

Significantly, this new executive order was one of the first to go when President Biden began his presidency.

From Brownstone:

The administrative state for the better part of a century, and really dating back to the Pendleton Act of 1883, has designed policy, made policy, structured policy, implemented policy, and interpreted policy while operating outside the control of Congress, the president, and the judiciary.

The gradual rise of this 4th branch of government – which is very much the most powerful branch – has reduced the American political process to mere theater as compared with the real activity of government, which rests with the permanent bureaucracy…

From 2020 and onward, the American people got to know this administrative state well. They ordered us to wear masks. They deployed their influence to close small businesses and churches. They limited how many people we could have in our homes. They festooned our businesses with plexiglass and told everyone to stay six-feet apart. They demanded two weeks of quarantine when crossing state borders. They decided which medical procedures were elective and non-elective. And they finally demanded compliance with vaccine mandates at the penalty of job loss.

None of this was ordered by legislation. It was all invented on the spot by the permanent staff of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We had no idea they had such power. But they do. And that same power which allowed those egregious attacks on rights and liberties also belongs to the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Labor, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Homeland Security, and all the rest.

With luck, both the House and Senate will have significant turn-over in the 2022 election. This may pave the way for legislative action. It is a nice to imagine that, by 2024, Congress could pass and implement a bill that includes a provision such as “Schedule F.” This should be a permanent addition to our code of federal regulations. Of course, the uni-party, with its reliance on corporate dollars to finance their election campaigns, will be loath to pass such sweeping legislation.

If they can not pass such legislation, an executive order similar to Trump’s should be enacted as soon as a new President is inaugurated. If we wish to preserve our democracy, the administrative state cannot be allowed to continue to operate unchecked. The bureaucratic swamp is dark, deep and wide. Someone needs to drain it.

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