Jul 28, 2022

🌞πŸ’₯😲 ~ (5D Earth new Headquarters of the Cosmic) Ismael Perez Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin ~ | Blogger: Aha - so now you might understand why they so fearlessly pushed the COVID-Crown-Vaksines that had a advanced Microsoft patented chipped "operation system" designed to program HUmans and hack their biological functions... Ismael is a veeery Fast & Furious talker and I know for a fact, that Alex & Dr. Salla (SoTW meet IRL) and Elena feels "threatened" over Ismael after he said, both Alex and Elena, has been compromised... This video with Nicholas, is one of the more interesting videos with Ismael about the Solar Flash (The EVENT) that Cobra has talked about since 2012. And of course about the Super Sentinel Alien A.I. that some others than Ismael calls for "Yaldabaoth, Lord of the Archons". In order to understand "some" of "wisdom" as Ismael sees it - long before the birth of Christianity, monotheism was an anomaly. Europe and the Near East flourished under the divine guidance of Sophia, the ancient goddess of wisdom. Everything was hunky-dory on Earth, until the Gnostic Gospels of Nag Hammadi, written in the 1st Century, warned us all about the god of the Bible. Known as the "Demiurge" or "Yaldabaoth", he is described as an insane, demented imposter deity who works against HUmanity (use link)... Soooo, the highly spiritual esoterically material that Ismael "preaches" are similar to C.O.B.R.A. R.M. teachings. Unfortunately, Nicholas, never talks about "Tachyons" which is a vital part of Pleiadians and other cosmic civilizations use tachyons as basic source of energy. They are subatomic particles that contain the full spectrum of spiritual light. They were the very first particles that were created from the source, at the beginning of this universe. Therefore, they are a direct link with source and they transmit the true original plan of creation. This includes the original blueprint of each of us, from our soul (which is part of Source) (use DK link)... |

'More CMEs, Sudden Solar Flash SIGNAL gonna activate HUmans Defense-Mechanism. Destroy the A.I.-system (Borg) on Earth and entire Universe. A New Heaven and a New Earth - The New Golden Age of GAIA. We're ONLY waiting on the Solar Flash SIGNAL. The FINAL EMP. 5D crystalline Earth has been completed. The Solar Flash communicate with our DNA on a cellular level. Gamma ray energies. It goes from the Galactic Core, to our Sun into HUmanity.' ~ Ismael Perez

PS: I'm not saying, anything or everything, is wrong with COBRA (codename for 'co mpression' 'br e a kthrough'. - the surface of planet Earth is compressed in a sandwich). Or Dr. Salla (cult), Ismael (cult), Tarot by Janine (cult), Dr Greer (cult), Divine Cosmos (cult), James Gilliland (cult) or whatever Guru (cult) you entrust with your (life) - but only take what resonates with your inner belief system, and leave everything else, out... All I'm saying is, that I do not resonate with the "person" that are leading the Cobra RM (cult). I'll learned my lesson - but "some" of the teaching is still reliable!. SoTW was once, since 2015, heavily-heavenly invested all my money, time and energy believing in Pleiadians-Planetary Liberation of Earth the COBRA (Cult). Been to many places and countries, in his NAME with all the Spiritual and esoteric knowledge and ancient wisdom, meeting like-minded people, until 2018. And not that it matters, a few years back in the Cobra (school) days, SoTW had myself a ex-girlfriend, Emy, re-awaken high priestess training and initiation by C.O.B.R.A.S.' Resistance Movement (R.M.). . I only hold the 1st phase of the Temple Priestess Training in one of the 1st presented trainings ever made in Italy. In Brazil there was many, many Cobra "initializations" (similar to REIKI opening to the Universe) etc... |  
Ismael Perez brings the deep insights on the Draco wars, Earth Ascension, 3 - 12D and much more! (rumble.com)
Say Hello to Yaldabaoth, Lord of the Archons (bibliotecapleyades.net)
(41) Ismael Perez Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin - YouTube

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