Jul 29, 2022

🚴‍♂️💨👕 ~ (Been there done that got the t-shirt) I'm Here, There and Everywhere (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Went to celebrate Mr. Vingegaard in a small Danish harbour town of Glyngøre with 1,400 inhabitants. Free 600 kilo cake and nice people to talk too. Normally, I never-ever (waste) my time on celebrations of ONE HUman being. Standing 1,5 hour waiting and 1 second glimpse of a "man" in a car. I rather celebrate WORLD POPULATION DAY. Why do we have women's day and no men's day? Why do we always celebrate men but not woman in pro sports? In Africa and outside the C.A.B.A.L. Western Hemisphere there'd never heard of pro cycling which has same corruption like in pro football (FIFA and NFL). It just so happens that I know for a fact, Bjarne Riis, is both corrupt and 'doped up', like so many others. My ex-freemason friend said, that the winner of TdF, had his hand on his chest-heart, like he did every time when he stood up singing National anthem of Denmark on the freemasonic lodge table with his black suit and all the Masonic Regalia. Never-mind-that, I don't want people, to be upset! This time, I took my racing bike from Skive to Glyngøre and back... I also went to same town when Mr. Gay Obummer, Nobama, a few month a ago was suppose to appear but was hiding out in a limo behind black windows (maybe because he's a clone) - Oh! Oh! Oh! What a big mistake! No! No! No! .. I'm always there... I went to Vegas at the same MGM Resorts (watching Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil) 2 weeks prior to "2017 Las Vegas shooting." (America's biggest FF ops since Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting). Yes sir! Never seen so much security in a Hotel and downtown or on the stripe, in any town, ever, in my life. In Las Vegas, one of the mob's biggest money earners tells all... Went to a family gathering to celebrate my mothers 75 yrs old birthday in the same expensive area, in Kensington and Chelsea, London, next to "Grenfell Tower fire" (insurance fraud??) - uh-huh, yeah, yep!... Also went to "The Million Mask March" when it was pouring with rain... You Bet Your Sweat A**!... People's Climate March Copenhagen... Doing Corona lockdowns, went to demonstrations in Copenhagen and Gothenburg and many other cities, except Men-in-Black-demo and during "burn-witches-day" or "dolls of Prime Minsters."... I was there!... Been to so many incredible places, experiences things, many people have not, and meet amazing people in Denmark and around the world... |

ONCE you go PRO - you turn Dope-Blow..


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