Jun 17, 2022

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (Semper Supra: Some ep. of Stargate SG-1 + 'Stargate: Continuum' is 100% Authentic & Based on a True Story!) EP 194 - Navy Whistleblower - Part 4 (Journey to Truth Podcast) ~ | Blogger: With Alex Collier, Dr. Salla, Megan Rose, & Elena Danaan's ET Contactees etc. etc. - this series has been my most favorite. Once again, this Active U.S. Navy SSP Soldier and Whistleblower gets me on SoTW soooo excited, whoa! He is awesome! Unidentified Men-In-Black (govt-type-ppl.) came knocked on the door the other day, he says, and threatening him, 2 times, on the same day, and after that, electricity went offline after a power outage for 3.000 people. But he doesn't give a rats ass', so in this episode, he will explain about REAL stargates - three StarGates in Cheyenne Mountain and everything you have seen in movies or shows about this place is very real! Other StarGate Portals is active on three continents. I think I'm about to watch Stargate SG-1. Pictures below is from the show (I left in the 1 Hour marker after they talk about more FF operations and Walmart = fires + Human Trafficking + used to FEMA camps on Corona-agenda)... 🏺NOTE: And THIS is IMPORTANT to understand and SoTW have make claims about this from the VERY start! The hyper-sectarian terror group Islamic State (formerly known as al-Qaida in Iraq) - no wonder why ISIS was funded by clandestine intelligence to create chaos in Iraq, Syria and Middle East! And then "they" used "ISIS" and the roots of ISIS trace back to 2004, for assassinations and false flag operation in US and EU, until they were defeated or CIA was stopped and delivered money to the mercenary groups in 2016. It was NEVER-EVER only about the liberation of their dictatorship "leaders" - hence - ISIS was created by the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD and funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar! It was not ONLY about U.S.-backed plot to destabilize the region and protect Israel. Their finally GOAL was to DESTROY thousands or even millions years old ancient E.T. technology! Clues from Sumerian cuneiform tablets translated by Zecharia Sitchin, archeologists found the stargate technology deep inside the great Ziggurat of Ur... |

"We are saving Israel for last." - Q

- 'under Israel is a dirty, filthy, f*cking draconian nest. It's (Zionist, Rothchilds) CABAL's "heartbeat" of their nesting or main part of the HIVE, or brain-stem-center, if you will. Status is classified.' ~ NAV whistleblower. 

Aaron Kuhn: 'I assume they're saving it for last because its the main hub for everything and clearing it to early "they" would scatter'? 

'You are getting warmer, i'll say it that way right - I don't wanna be gagged! F*ck it - I will tell you - around Israel there's a "special" stargate, not gonna tell you the name,  like a "Hatch in submarine" and if it was lifted, a volcanic eruption of reptilians, would get out.' ~ NAV whistleblower. 

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