Jun 27, 2022

πŸ‘€πŸ©ΈπŸ₯€ ~ (HOES MAD: KING of Hollyweird is DEAD! Signals, DrIP DrIp Drip, Boom, Boom Boom!) USA UPDATE: ROE V. WADE OVERTURNED & THE DEEPENING DIVISION IN THE UNITED STATES! + BRAD PITT COVER! (TBJ) ~ | Blogger: “Call me crazy one more time and see what happens. I dare you. Try it and see.” (Hancock)... I'm getting better at SoTW to figure out the "hidden" signals in the disgusting Pedo-Gay-Translobby-FemiNazis-Cabal world of lies and deceit!... 80% has been rounded up in Hollywood, says Janine. Aaand, she is NOT alone - the video with Alex Collier, Jenny Lee and Michael Jaco, talk about white hat operations to take down the Nazi's. - Jenny: 90% of Hollywood is GONE!... πŸ™NOTE: As always, use your own spiritual discernment, reading on my blog, remember to do your own study - the truth is out there... |

According to TBJ - SCOTUS and Roe V. Wade decision is a WhiteHate operation. It wouldn't
have happen in 100% controlled "cabal"-world... 

Q (qanon.pub)

Partly created and made by SoTW (verdensalt.dk) and after Tarot By Janine's video
 Made from ex-NAVY Seal Michael K Jaco's video and verdensalt.dk research - this is how SICK they are!!!

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