Jun 18, 2022

卐⚔️☮️ ~ (Viral Video of Today: Trump was LAST pres. LAST Pope. 90% of Hollywood is NO-MORE!) Alex Collier and Jenny Lee talk about white hat operations to take down the Nazi's (michaelj5326) ~ | Blogger: Shout out to Jenny, Michael aaand this is NOT because of Alex - I really couldn't find ANYTHING that resonated with me today - not even Ashely and Janines Deep Dive or latest video on ZODIAC READ (confusing)... If you're searching for a REAL look at global-affairs-news - this is where you need to go!... When Q said Israel is last, is this what he meant? Asking for a friend - Jenny Lee - has an idea and basically says and confirm what this secret "Navy Whistleblower" on Part 4 w/ Journey to Truth Podcast, is saying... FINALLY, I went into a movie-theater to watch "Top Gun: Maverick" and it kinda took me right back to May 16, 1986! And I have to say to you guys - "I kissed a girl and I liked it - the taste of her cherry chap stick". Buuutt, are we watching an incredible good 'look-a-like' ‘Deepfake’ Tom Cruise from this Belgian guy that went viral on TikTok? Yeah! Absolutely! But how? Check out AGT with Simon Cowell or Maxine Waters - you know it's all fake, CGI, clones and masks. What about Jennifer Connelly, that I felt in love in the movie ‘LABYRINTH’ also came out, in 1986? I'm not sure! I'm thinking that there's no coincidence, they put, Jennifer Connelly, in TOP GUN! Jim Henson's "The Labyrinth" like "The Dark Crystal" have illuminati written all over it! The esoteric-dark-secret black-magick-symbolism in these movies and then they place, Jennifer Connelly, together with a "CGI-character" and then the tragedy of Val Kilmer is beyond heartbreaking. He looks like a bad version of Vlad Dracula - so sad... |

- All: Earth and in folklore, 'giants' (david and goliath) etc. etc.
- Alex: 'Earth Alliance' has allowed diff. timelines to ONE (positive) timeline. They have initiated the "Ascension Protocols".
- All: Russia have been fighting the Nazi's since 1939. Now it's Neo-Nazis (WEF / Ukraine / Sex trafficking / Biolabs, Agenda 21 2030 etc. etc.)
- Jenny: The last "Battle" will be AI Dark Entities in Israel. River turns red with blood ‘like biblical plague of Egypt’.
- All: They're completely changing and destroying the old chemical ways of Food Manufacturing for better now 
(98th Food Warehouse to Go Up in Flames) 
- Alex: "Q: Soon [They] Will Not Be Able To Walk Down The Street! Pure Evil! They Worship The Devil!" (politicians and alike that supports evil, wars and Corona vaccines etc.)
- Alex: Uganda announces discovery of huge gold deposits. Countries are soon gold-backed. 
- All: Get out of BIG CITIES! ('SMART' cities - only place 'baddies' can be. Cannot go underground, leave Earth etc.)
- Alex: Agenda 21(2030) HUmanity has 8 yrs left, before they wipe us out - which is not gonna happen.
- Jenny: Higher beings or higher technology will dismantle the whole education system
- Alex: the 'Dark Alliance' can go SAVAGE in a blaze of glory for them, but they realize, they got 3-4 shoots to the head - it's OVER no matter what - anyway! Or they can hold-on and wait for the "White Hats" to make a mistake.
- All: "Cleansing processes" for FBI, U.S. Marshals, police department and sheriff offices.
- Alex: Video of what Maxine Waters' did with her face behind Pelosi goes viral
- Jenney & Michael: Not a president but a 'council' is going to rule America, next. Trump was the last!
- Michael: China + Russia moving into South America, Canada and more countries is cleaning-up operations.
- Alex on Paradigm shift: If people could see how beautiful Earth is from above and other planets... | 

PS: there's soooo much more I haven't covered here and Michael says a lot too...

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