May 2, 2022

💖🛏️🌌 ~ (Reverend Dennis Shipman: no specific date Med Bed technology will become available to the general public) How Can I Sign-Up For Med Beds? (blissfulvisions) ~ | Blogger: Paula Abdul: Straight up, now tell me. Do you really wanna love me forever? (Oh, oh, oh)... I don't wanna be a party pooper, BUT, SoTW, do not and I repeat, do not put any more trust, in this so-called "active" nurse (Vibrational Healing Mentor in the SSP) called "Skye Prince" after she, blew the whistle, Med Beds, will not and I repeat, will NOT, be part of HUmanity 3D timeline... Nooow, Brad Johnson, has discussed this issue, many times over, on the rumors of the Secret Space Program med-beds and if they will be unveiling in our near future. AND his answer is NO! What Brad believes, is, that Earthlings, living on Mother GAIA, will NOT in the "nearest future" have access to the "SAME" super-advanced-tech, but at some future point, have a less advanced, version. Brad says, it's because CABAL, will be able interfere, making them 20 years younger and illness free, forever... WHAT SoTW suggest is, FIND a place, they also have them in Denmark, where they offer treatments by a RIFE-machine AKA Frequency Generators AKA UV Light (UV Light Beams = UV Frequency Beams). You can also buy one, some are cheep, most are, expensive. That does the trick, but of course, cannot cure every single illness or regrow limbs and stuff, like SSP-Med-Beds are able to... YEEES, in the "nearest" future, in a couple of years, Med Beds might be "available" in a "lighter-version" of healing through Alien Technologies... PS: I'm sure, Elon Musk industries and Co., are already working on a "Med-Bed" substitute, in my humble opinion... |

"What I understand; SSP Med Beds = Holographic Medical Pods, Tachyon Energy / Plasma Energy, Quantum Healing Therapy, Bio Healing Technology, has many, many names and functions, capabilities and blue print only available, so far, to Space Marines, Super-Soldiers and Staff, within, the Secret Space Programs in our Universe..." ~ SoTW 

NOTE: Cobra RM Tachyon Healing Chambers (THC) is NOT a Med Bed, either. I know in details and have been inside many time in Denmark. PSS: A cool place to start is James Rink's supersoldiertalk. I had a good American friend of SoTW, Patrice, who told me once about it, now dead of cancer. I have lost 5 friends, last few years to cancer, so, so, so sad. At least, my Danish holistic ND and SoTW, saved ONE, from Bank of Nordea leader staff, from her own cancer dead, with easy-to-buy, inexpensive natural medications and consultations ... |;read=198484
Are the Secret Space Program Med Beds Coming? | New Earth Insights
WTF! All a Bluff! A Scam! DS takeover!?!) No More Illusions (Skye Prince)



Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes! Medbeds are soon to be among us! Below is a Medbeds designed with a specific healing purpose…in the case shown below…for brain healing!

I Am excited to learn this “model” was manufactured in the US making this close to home for the many, many health needs in America. While I Am no prognosticator, my thought is for these devices to be first made available in hospitals where the sickest are housed.

The critically ill should be the first served, with the rest of humanity likely to be “triaged” in order of physical severity. (Ok, ok…I’ll wait for my hair to be thickened up! LOL)

Healing humanity is a big task and my opinions are all surmised. The Medbeds ARE coming as a measure of the LOVE we ARE, we will all be healed, allowing all of us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!

This is a Medbed, the ZAP-X in the Symphony Hospital in Utsunomiya, Japan.

My friend visited there for job and took photos & a video.

Bulk radiation, which is called low-radiation and by using masks (shells), can be applied in large quantities at one time, like a gamma knife, and for those who are in poor condition, fractionated radiation, X-ray therapy and prevention that has a comparable precision.

This ZAP-X is suitable for brain tumors.

(Both benign and malignant tumors are acceptable.)

Prevention of brain metastases such as lung cancer, AVM (arteriovenous malformation of the brain), and subarachnoid hemorrhage, in which blood vessels break and blood flows into the brain if left untreated. Treatment can be done before the bleeding occurs so that the bleeding does not occur.

The ZAP itself, all of them are radiation-shielded, so they can be installed anywhere.

In the U.S., you can be indoors during treatment, but Japanese law does not allow it.

This ZAP-X is made in the United States.

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