Mar 17, 2022

💖🛏️🌌 ~ (WTF! All a Bluff! A Scam! DS takeover!?!) No More Illusions (Skye Prince) ~ | Blogger: Before we start, sending compassion to Janine Morigeau for losing her mom and sending her loving greetings and ravens... There's a Danish saying: "father is not angry - father is disappointed"... I can also smell bullshit from a mile away but it's so much harder to detect when it's around you all day'... Skye has disabled for commenting on YT as she turns herself in for questioning by thousands upon thousands of supporters, when she claims she where sitting on BOMBSHELL knowledge since November 2021, that Med Beds will not and I repeat, will NOT, be part of HUmanity 3D timeline (not when the 3D and 5D timeline coexists with eachother). WHAAAAT!? Who is this person speaking? She's supposed to be a "active" nurse (Vibrational Healing Mentor in the SSP) called "Skye Prince" from a new telegram-channel called (Skye's Med Bed Room).... Now, one of my danish friends will go out and ask Simon Parkes and Michelle Fielding directly what the heck is going on... I perfectly understand, Skye (or SSP or galactic friends) is pissed about all the victimhood in her Social Media platform (Service to Self - instead of Service of Others), but why come out now 6 months later, with breaking news, that Med Beds is a no go, until the "EVENT" will take place?. Skye will not talk about Med Bed's and Healing Centers, anymore - why? Wasn't it the hole idea with Skye's knowledge coming forward?. Very disturbing video, indeed... But again, everyone is acting from their vibrational point of attraction and that prospective has no place for judgement. So please, always use your own spiritual discernment... |

All about medbeds and Tesla bio healing technologies.


Med Bed Info From Skye Prin... by Tim 

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