May 7, 2022

πŸ”†πŸ’₯🌠 ~ (NEW COBRA POST) The Cycle is Over ~ | Blogger: (Sun-Go-Nova? Supernova? Ice-Age, Pole-Shift? X-Planet? Geomagnetic excursions? Geomagnetic Superstorms?) - No comments from Cobra RM (and their many groups) - Zero, zilch, zip, nil, nought, nothing... So how does it help liberate the planet??? - SoTW have noooo idea - your guess is as good as mine!... "Suspicious0bservers" YT-channel is very popular and this (full) movie (or alternative documentary) which they put out was titled: "THE Earth Disaster Documentary" - published, 25. December, 2021... |


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