May 13, 2022

😎🥳✌️ ~ (Freaky-Friday) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Friday even more freakier than freaky... 😵‍💫Dudududu dudududu dudududu - Twilight zone... 🙋Does Friday 13th, Illuminati card, exist?... 🙋The $64K dollar question is; will TheBlackHats be able to pull a False Flag today?. It's been a cultural ritual time bomb, set to detonate at Friday the 13th., since, the Illuminati/freemasonic +++ 300 yr old history... 🤜❌🤛November 2015 Paris attacks "Friday Nov 13, 2015" - was one of those to destabilized EU... 🤜❌🤛2015 Copenhagen shootings was on "Valentines Day" - save the Jews or Zionists of Denmark ... 🤜❌🤛The Russo-Ukrainian War started on "National Chili Day" - Breakdown of Cabals HQ, Biolabs, Human Trafficking, DUMBS, Dirty Bombs = 'Denazification' in Ukraine.... 🤗Anyways, to some GOOD NEWS😃... [READ MORE] ... 😜NOTE: I may be crazy on SoTW, but it keeps me from going insane... Trusting Tarot cards and or, believing in people in the Truth-movement always with far-fetched stories? Reading on should probably be done with a large grain of salt and always be used with ones own, Spiritual Discernment. I am not here to please everyone! It's, We, The Peoples time now in the New Golden Age of GAIA! We HAVE to see or possess a POSITIVE mindset in these days or we all literary, go INSANE! If you wish to engage in Fake Positivity and Spiritual Bypassing, go and watch MSM news 24/7... |

Freaky False-Flag-'Friday the 13th' + Biden calls Trump 'Great MAGA King' AND withdrew the US leaving the WHO + The Queen of Swords = Cabal is TERMINATED

To the DANISH readers - watch out for 3 things; 

1️⃣ - Extinction Rebellion demonstrations going on in Copenhagen, trying to block every single govt building in town for a week...

2️⃣ - HRH The Crown Prince, coming King, and how he 'tries' to 'dismantle or attempt to justify the unjustifiable' debate saying, his France School, École des Roches, was similar to, Herlufsholm Boarding School. It's THE-BIGGEST shitsstorms in 1000yrs old monarchy trying to cover-up 467 yrs of violence, bullying and sexabuse by WEF YGL Elites Ivy League school Herlufsholm, which I think, is a WhiteHat operation, to wake up Danes... 

3️⃣ - Denmark seeks prosecution of ex-minister, Claus Hjort, by which includes treason for leaking state secrets, in connection to revelations of Denmark's cooperation with the NSA (many are saying, NSA, has been in WH hands a looong time now)... 

🤗NOW to some GREATER news😃... 

"New Earth Insights - Ep #28" w/Brad Johnson, says; 

with Tarot Cards in his hand - 👸"The Queen of Swords" AND ⚔️"Ten of Swords" + "Nine of Swords" = the CABAL is Finished. 

NOT only are 90% in WH's control of the world, 90% of the leaders of "Doppelgangers or body-doubles" like Trudeau, and Biden, are WH's counter-forces, says Brad. The Cabal or old regime, will be "hunted down like dogs", because they cannot be overturned. 

Brad goes on, Canada - will be set free from the "Corona-Scheme" in July of 2022 and the rest, will follow suit, says Brad.

The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) is still on "standy-by". 

CDC and W.H.O. has been taken over by WH's. 

Sweden and Finland is NOT gonna join NATO, says Brad! NATO is going through MAJOR changes, says brad - 

☝️PS: Remember, that “Yuriy”: the KGB Stoltenberg, Bilderberger and deep Cabal, front-figure has catched Corona☝️... 

👁️⃤ 💂🇩🇰DENMARK (finally) someone is pulling cards on the country; 

Brad says, TRIALS, are ready to begin soon, still in balancing act, still working out deals or "negotiations" as Brad calls it - summertime - is key dates... 

(could Brad talk about-  Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Mads Palsvig or OCC -The organization for information about Corona with the former doctor Søren Ventegodt? or does it go much deeper?) 

🎞️ (SoTW ending video on 55 minute marker)... | 

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