May 5, 2022

🔴🏴‍☠️💥 ~ (BREAKING SHOCKWAVE INCOMING!?!) GLOBALIST DEEPSTATE: ARE THEY REALLY FAILING? WHAT'S THE TRUTH ABOUT RUMORS OF THEIR STAGED EVENTS? (TBJ) ~ | Blogger: Janine is referring to Linda Paris (McallisterTV) "We have a WW3 scare scenario!" which SoTW sometimes thinks put out to much "End-of-the-world scenarios" like Mike Adam and Steve Quayle (kinda-guys) in my humble opinion. Janine also talk about she received alerts on her mobile phones in Canada and Denmark, just had it's "scare" event by the Danish authorities issue information to Ukrainians ahead of annual siren tests on top of the buildings, that was used under WWII as a warning. Obama is visiting the Kingdoms of Denmark (perhaps) to push for a WAR and Modi was just here, perhaps to STOP a WAR... Soooo, it might be that a special "event" has to happen, to scare the bejesus out of all the "Muggles" AKA ""Normies" AKA "Fastest Sleepers" and some in the Spiritual Truth-movement, hiding under the bed. I'm READY-EDDY! Bring it on!. TheWhiteHat military are in control. Nothing will take place, before "London Bridge is down" but just hours, days or weeks, after that, a cascade of things... |


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