May 5, 2022

😇 ~ ✨ (Priest & Priestess, Children of God, Galactic God- or Goddess, Lightworkers & Lightwarriors, Starseeds of the Universe) Be The Conscious HUman Being You wish to Be but CAREFUL of All The Cult-Traps (SoTW) 💟 ~ | Blogger: I'm not saying, anything or everything, is wrong with COBRA (codename for 'co mpression' 'br e a kthrough'. The surface of planet Earth is compressed in a sandwich). All I'm saying is, that I'm OUT - I'll learned my lesson!. SoTW was once, since 2015, heavily-heavenly invested all my money, time and energy believing in Pleiadians-Planetary Liberation of Earth the COBRA (Cult). Been to many places and countries, in his NAME with all the Spiritual and esoteric knowledge and ancient wisdom, meeting like-minded people, until 2018. And not that it matters, a few years back in the Cobra (school) days, SoTW had myself a ex-girlfriend, Emy, re-awaken high priestess training and initiation by C.O.B.R.A.S.' Resistance Movement (R.M.). I only hold the 1st phase of the Temple Priestess Training in one of the 1st presented trainings ever made in Italy. I think Emy, has all of them, but we both got out of this organization and Emy has her own platform and belief system now. Smaly7 (Steve and Anita) and Untwine and others among the absolute top core group, closest to Cobra, has also left. But apparently Emy, still see herself as a Priestess (anyways). The leader of COBRA, once claimed, the sixth high priestess of Earth, was called by her stagename, 'Isis Astara', his spouse, before an American (rumored Black Witch Queen) took over her place (claimed by my Danish friend Gitte, now dead of cancer). Emy was suppose to take over 'Isis Astara''s legacy and teachings. Isis, which SoTW have meet at a conference in Greece in 2015, was killed in 2018 by Direct Energy Weapons after a longer time period, so claimed by Cobra (Emy in 2020 told my a very disturbing rumor, that I will not share). Isis, was so beautiful soul (from somewhere in Eastern Europa) with good vibes and obsolete purity, is what I got out of her. 'Now the surface of the planet is without a high priestess. This presents a certain problem as the energy grid of Light on the surface of this planet is destabilized', so says head of Cobra, which real name and identity is still a secret (not for me). I did love Emy, very much, but (evil forces) wanted to break us apart, and I don't simple fit in her spiritual narrative, anyway. She's a young soul (human years) and still much to learn in her early stages of Spiritual Awakening process, that starts, when HUmans are age 27 and i'm a old fart that still looks, not only, at the Light, but also to expose darkness, for others to wake up... |


Isis Astara Memorial...  Just stay calm as the Chaos seems to Grow but the EVENT is NOW!!! It's all inside us and surrounding us with goddess angelic dance of divine light of LOVE....(SoTW)

In memorial of Isis Astara - we are one.... soul blessings for Isis Astara, Victory of the light! ... Isis always had everyone sing this song during Cobra conferences as i understood...

"We are One
You are inside me
Every step I take, you’re there
Every breath I breathe, we share
We are One
Let’s keep the dedication, let’s keep the flame alive.
No matter what, we will make it, to the final Victory of the Light
It is the nature of Life
We will all be together again after the Liberation of Earth, together in Oneness as angelic beings of Love and Light. In the meantime we stay connected in network of Light"... 

Much Love ~ Astara

Isis Astara Memorial Video 432Hz 
Isis & Cobra – The Goddess Spiral Meditations (Full Album)

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