Mar 2, 2022

🏴‍☠️⚔️πŸ’œ ~ (Virus, Ukraine, Taiwan: 'President Trump is the superpower right now in the world; he is behind the facade… ') Utsava Updates 2-27,28-22… “Biden is toast!” & “Everything is flipping right now…and will come to a standstill soon” (highlights) (KpBlog.Space) ~ | Blogger: Must-read - raw and unformatted at your service!... |

PS: As you know, let's call them the 'Dark Alliance' will fight to the death and take some of us, with them, if they can. Thus this Evil (Horrors of the 4th Dimension entities) of cosmic parasite's apparent script is to manipulate and mind-kontrol world leaders of the cabal, elites and media etc. to produce as much human suffering, shedding of blood and traumatic mass death as possible in order to extract negative energy from suffering humans and humans that are dying traumatically. Sick beyond words and yes, it's demonic and pure evil if true. 

But, at the very end, the light will prevail we know this outcome has been foreseen and the Dark Alliance, knows it too well. 

Please prepare and prep up! Small amount of cash is needed and 'survival food', candles etc. to last a few weeks! I'm not talking about Doomsday preppers stock up on luxury survival kits, emergency food supplies and million-dollar bunkers, but be prepared! Why? Fuel, higher gas prices, home heating oils and electricity also get more expensive. Foodstuffs are becoming more expensive and talks about cyberattacks has been going on forever and ever!. Expect mass outages at social media, internet, bank and mobile operator platforms. 

And please, do not trust A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G what your media and leaders are telling you right now!. Especially (western leaders) about number of civilian and soldiers of casualties in the "war", missiles and rockets attacks in the cities of Ukraine and stories about thousands upon thousands of civilians which was targeted by the Russian army. Nothing that comes out can be trusted from both sides. 

Reports suggest Belarusian president accidentally revealed that Moscow plans to invade Moldovan breakaway state Transnistria. And is expected, as Gali Lucy, just told us! I think we are seeing a war-machine, that will destroy EVERY SINGLE Cabal hideout in EU. Rumors of MAJOR D.U.M.B.s in Australia was taken down, recently, flooded. 

Genuine Military Surplus shops are experiencing dum-danes buying up all stock as of gas masks, radioactivity meters and iodine pills, because they think nuclear weapons will be used🀦‍♂️ Boys and girls, this is no laughing matter, but as crazy as it gets!...  ~ SoTW


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These last two posts from Utsava I found very interesting.

Anyway, I suggest, take the best (what resonates) and leave the rest… follow that Higher Inner Discernment!

I’m only posting highlights. The full articles are available for those who subscribe to her Buymeacoffee page.


Biden is toast!

“At the world stage the Biden Regime is portrayed with the fake Russia invasion war, which is to blame on Biden, not Putin. The reason for this is because the bombings you are hearing or seeing in the news media are bombings of the Biden’s bio labs.

“Thanks to Trump we ‘only’ had the corona virus; they wanted to spread a much more sinister virus.

“…why Biden, Pelosi, Hillary, Obama, Romney etc. are so concerned about the Ukraine; it has nothing to do about the people there, it has everything to do with their territory and labs. The DNC has in the Ukraine everything you can imagine; tunnels, child trafficking, cloning centers; weapons of mass destruction, drug trafficking etc.

“We have predicted this emergency but also an emergency with China… I have received the information a while back that Taiwan is safe… the Deep state is now busy with the Ukraine invasion (fake war), we are getting the gold standards completed… it is just a matter of bringing things to the surface. It’s just a matter of completing the last pieces.

“Nesara/Gesara is world-wide and all about peace. There will be no more poverty in the world. President Trump is the Commander of Chief. Militaries world-wide are taking down the Deep state right now.

“The first public arrests will be Obama and Biden. We are hearing about the Russian hoax and Durham Probe. While Hillary Clinton played a large role in the Russian hoax as well as Obama, it was Biden who was the mastermind…”

Everything is flipping right now… and will come to a standstill soon

“Putin is like a facemask with Trump behind it… think about it. It’s all a faΓ§ade and a perfect chess play… While Putin is getting rid of the New World Order and the DC power in the Ukraine, it is actually Trump doing it all!

“A fake nuclear war is on the horizon, the fake war with Ukraine is happening, now we got China attacking Taiwan…don’t worry, Taiwan is safe and so are the Ukrainians…

“While everybody is looking at this fake war with Russia the new banking system is here and so is the currency reset. I had expected it end of February. I see money being handed out…

“Right now they are talking in Europe about attacking Russian Banking… about bank cyberattacks. In reality they want people to have cash on hand, because the banks might be shut down for a while due to the changes. Also don’t forget to have food for about ten days.

“President Trump is the superpower right now in the world; he is behind the facade… Right now everything is flipping to our types of New Earth, which is Nesara/Gesara=Freedom, Prosperity and Peace.

“…we have switched time lines into the past the last year… Now the timeline is going back into the future where Biden and his son hunter will be exposed… among the rest of the DNC… Our patience will be paying off! Welcome New World!”


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