Mar 23, 2022

πŸ‘‘⛔πŸ’Ž ~ (Scota Alien tech Stone of Destiny) David Mahoney Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin. Off-worlder Princess Diana purple aura field and power brought down the UK monarchy (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: NO NEW CROWNED KING OR QUEEN OF ENGLAND... Legend has it that the Scots 4,500 years ago came originally from Greece via Egypt, Spain and Ireland with a "Stone of Destiny", off planet technology of immense energic power, that Queen-Lizzie has used, to hold on to power. It was stolen from Scotland, put in Westminster Abbey for hundreds of years, to crown the King or Queen of England. In 1950's, 2 Scottish students stole it back and is well hidden in Scotland. That is why the realm of UK monarchy and Queen, is no more... Second video with Rose Megan is veeery interesting as well. Queen Elizabeth is the reigning queen of England and head of the royal family. But she is a reptilian, a shapeshifter, who was transported unto Earth, from another world, pretending to be a "human". Her involvement in the politics of earth has been much longer than her human lifetime... PS: Janine Morigeau, and many, many others, has claimed, that the Queen Lizarbeth II, has already died. And all we are waiting for now, is that the mainstream media, will officially announce her death, to put an end to hundreds of years of ruling... (SoTW) As rumor has it, Queen-Lizzie has somehow been able to transfer her/his/it's life energy (whatever) to each human, so Elisabeth I = Elisabeth II etc. According to the story, Elizabeth I was a man in disguise (now known as the Bisley Boy). Oh talking about Janine, she made a video on Denmark and Monarchy and said, by three tarot cards, that, Margrethe II of Denmark, was born a baby boy, and somehow had a sex change... |

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