Mar 23, 2022

🍭😡‍πŸ’« ~ (AHA! Of course all political scam and trick) EU country says it won’t integrate Ukrainian refugees (Russia Today) ~ | Blogger: Danish authorities have issued guidelines to people from Ukraine who want to apply for residence in the Nordic country, after parliament passed a special law for refugees of the war in Ukraine, but all on FAKE CONDITIONS. And 90% of Danish population are buying into the hoax and scam victims, may feel ashamed... In the meanwhile, Danish PM warmachine are demanding to speak to Mr. Biden in Warsaw, Poland on Friday, supply Ukraine with more high-tech, weapons, more troops to Baltics, to fight Russia (she MUST know by now, Biden is an actor??)... Denmark with Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod (teenage predator) will also try to get Russian ambassadors to leave, because he thinks, they could be spies. Denmark has also plans to close harbors, a ban on signature Russian goods vodka, seafood and diamonds (and RT + sputnik news). US Senators want to freeze Russia’s gold reserves... Former KGB-agent and Bilderberger, Stoltenberg, are warning of W3, with far-reaching consequences if Russia takes chemical weapons in use - You know what that means right? That NATO and their allies, Ukraine's far-right Azov regiment, will create a chemical attack themselves... BE PREPARED.... For cyberattacks on infrastructure, energy and food shortages, and a new global lockdown, because the White Hats are coming... NOTE: Q said; Israel is for last - and perhaps you know, recent MAJOR cyberattacked... Coming collapse in China... Blackout in Tokyo in Japan after storm... Earthquake strikes in Taiwan... |

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyj, will address the Folketing via video link on Tuesday, March 29. This is stated by the Folketing (The Danish parliament) I bet you 1000 bucks that there will be standing ovation from the 179 political freemasons... 


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