Mar 13, 2022

🐸☕❌ ~ (Oh Yeah? Proof It!!!) GCHQ!! Jussie in Jail! Bibi has CV! Obama and biolabs! Santa Surfing – Mar 11, 2022 ( ~ | Blogger: PS: EVERYONE still wants a magic bullet; everyone still wants to hear the guy or lass, with the big idea, wrapped up in modernity and novelty from so-called factcheckers and "CNN'S slogan is CNN, THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS". No one wants to hear the possibility that conspiracy(facts) that took normally, 6 months to be true, only takes 6 days, after Victoria Nuland spoke on Bio Labs in Ukraine!... 1st video is from SantaSurfing and she briefly with her report, touched on many important points.... 2nd is a continuation from yesterdays "Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report" because there's more proof, since, 'Victorian Infectious Diseases Laboratory' in Melbourne caught importing blood serum from Ukrainian Bio Weapons Laboratories. check it out... 3rd video has gone viral on social media. An Active Truther in the Q Anon movement was visited by the Federal Government - Listen to this! Govt officials, Police, Secret Service, FBI etc. has targeted US patriots and giving them a heads up "Donald Trump" is still President and that the "Biden show" is about to end... PS: My higher self on SoTW was clear through my holistic ND in January of 2022 - Joe Biden be overthrown in April... |

REMEMBER what Judy Byington and Co., said in yesterday's "Special Restored Republic"; πŸ“‘The Bio-Weapon labs found by the Russian Army in Ukraine were producing viruses that the Cabal planned would wipe out 70% of population this Fall.πŸ“‘

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