Mar 16, 2022

๐ŸŽด๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ’– ~ ('Activating' boots-on-the-ground!?!) PATRIOT'S STORY & DEALINGS IN THE SHADOW CONFLICT! IS THIS SHOWING OF THINGS TO COME? NEXT MOVES? (TBJ) ~ | Blogger: I got on a 2,5 hour phone call this morning with my only danish friend, who's on same level as myself (Spiritual intelligence). As we both see now, this is not only in USofA, but it must be a global "activating" to bring out the TRUTH! My Higher Self told me, that, Joe Biden, will be gone by April of 2022. I wish that Queen-Lizzie, will also be a goner! We really need the evil Queen of Earth cleared and her satanic energies! (Yes, she is already dead, but the energies surrounded the UK monarchy, interconnected to all the EU monarchies, has to be resolved to clear out magnetic ley lines etc.) I will soon confirm that by my holistic ND, in March. According to all the energies, in the truth-movement and alternative news, astrology, tarot cards etc.; April-June will be veeery important, for HUmanity. Sorry guys, to all the "muggles" out there, not trying to be rude or part of leftists and crazy conspiracy theories, you just need to get with the program! I have done this for many years, and was part of GOLDMAN SLACKS / Rothschild suits in the Headquater banking industry, working with IT for 25 years. I was "one-of-you". Splitting headaches, trouble sleeping, hated to go to work, bad energies, narcissistic leadership, Service to Self etc. forced me away and and out, I quit my job in 2018 and never looked back. I'm a mad-man to turn a great job down and $110.000 yr salary with 16 yrs of education, down the toilet? It took me 6 months to get out of the money-madness mind-though-web and today, I have only a small amount of cash, to support me, but are Service to Others. I have no pension, nothing left. I rather stay outside the 3D matrix of simulation, than "connected" to the matrix-program. I have lost my daughter, wife and friends, very tough times, but it's worth it. I didn't choose who I AM in this lifetime, my spiritual divine contract and God / Source, did... |

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