Feb 8, 2022

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (Semper Supra: 'US and Russia “war game” where Russia as “invader” a ruse to cover the necessary actions dealing with the ET races involved in both Ukraine and Crimea.') THE REAL PURPOSE BEHIND THE WAR GAMES & RUSSIAN INCURSION INTO UKRAINE & CRIMEA (by Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot) ~ | Blogger: Of course, some might say, Kerry has ALWAYS another approach to everything. The whole Russia-Ukraine crisis, which NATO countries and Russian Federation, are ready to fight to their dead (so says the MSM media). I have meet her, and thinks she's amazing, what she's done for a decade, to fight the rulers of Earth, i.e. the overloads Archon aggressive alien narrative (whatever), and she means it well, trying to liberate us all, but lately, I find her stories to be very dark centered. This article is short and you might find it interesting... |



article by Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

February 7, 2022

What is not being talked about with regard to the overall objective and amassing of troops by the U.S. (under the guise of their NATO alignment) is the paranormal/ET angle. What I am getting is that this entire maneuver by US and Russia to create a “war game” and war scenario where Russia is seen as the “invader” is a ruse to cover the necessary actions these two super powers must take to deal with the ET race or races involved in both Ukraine and Crimea and handle the fall-out from their presence.

First, we know that Crimea contains 9 pyramids along the coast as well as a particular highway running between mountain ranges along the valley where anomalous occurrences happen often. Specifically where military vehicles and even groups of vehicles can be seen to simply disappear off the highway as if having driven into a portal into another dimension something like what is reported in the Bermuda Triangle.

Secondly, in Ukraine, I was told there is a mountain which is considered by the Illuminati to be where “the devil lives’. This mountain is considered a center of dark magic. Whereas I would tend to translate this into the likely case where this particular mountain is home of a group reptilians and possibly other races aligned with them. Which makes it a sort of ‘command and control’ center.

Both situations are what one might call “extraterrestrial” and are the real reason for the necessary amassing of troops. In essence we have evidence of a kind of invasionary force which is alien. And it is highly likely that the “government” of Ukraine has called on Russia (and the US) for help in dealing with this incursion. There may also be a relationship between the aliens involved in Crimea area and the mountain in Ukraine.

This is not the first time that setting up a “war” has been used as a cover operation for dealing with invading species that threaten our sovereignty over Earth territories or resources. According to one of my top witnesses, Captain Mark Richards, the Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis as well as other historical incidents were not about what the public believed or were told they were about, at all. Instead we were dealing with ET or alien interventions through portals. That includes the fires in Northern California specifically centered around the Paradise mountain area. Where a group of incursions through portals have also occurred.

Setting up a war scenario in Ukraine and Crimea (including Belarus) is a joint enterprise by Russia and the U.S. who are the primary superpowers (aside from China) that possess the technology to deal with such incursions. There is often collateral damage in the form of loss of human life in such battles that will be conducted to deal with the invaders. The important distinction here is the growing need for the public to understand that we are often under threat and invaded by various ET/Undersea/Inner Earth races on a planet-wide basis. The fact that UFOs/ETs, other civilizations from other planets are constantly interacting with us both individually and with our military and is not revealed to the worlds peoples is a travesty necessitating a constant barrage of disinformation and lies in media.

Our governments and militaries are dealing with the reality of constant challenges from invading species and what is known as “disclosure” would certainly help obliviate the necessity of lies perpetrated around the world by media and coverup. The coverup takes an enormous amount of energy that could be better used to deal with the intruders rather than deceiving the general public.

This again is where the possible use of a ‘project blue beam’ or “hologrammed invasion” scenario would come in handy in demonstrating in a “controlled environment” an “alien invasion” in order to awaken the people to this reality. I have written about this and mentioned it for the past 2+years related to the Randy Cramer, supersoldier marine tasked with announcing this blue beam fake alien invasion would happen within 3 years. This announcement was made in September of 2019 at the Yelm UFO conference as being a decision the military had made to shock the public awake. We are fast approaching the 3 year mark when either they will make good on their word or something will have intervened to stop it from happening.

Of course the stand-off occurring in Ukraine and Crimea could be handled somewhat differently if the public were aware of the truth. Perhaps a better negotiation without the need for human bloodshed and the unnecessary death of young vaxxed soldiers could be avoided if this were known. However, in that case the dark side experiment with their recently vaxxed/ transhuman experimental victims would not be carried out with the same amount of dark intent. From the pov of the dark Luciferian magicians and their governmental blood lusting minions this would probably be considered a sad lost opportunity…


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