Feb 7, 2022

⚠️🚨🔒 ~ (Juan O Savin and lots of Psychics predicts MASSIVE White Hats Military readiness rollout 'GLOBAL' LOCKDOWN to Clean House!) The Canadian Truckers Won't Be Silenced! (Spirit News) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Pepsi Super Bowl 22 Commercial Backwards - looks as it shows the Queens death and blackout then EBS!?!🤛] ... 👊SPIRIT SCIENCE: 👉Dive deeper into the peaceful, love, heart and reunite, Trucker Convoy movement and forces behind and evil people trying to destroy it... 👊JANINE, 'EDWARDS', JEANCLAUDE: 👉 United Kingdom is "spraying" stuff up in the skies, gearing up for something BIG! (Catherine Edwards video out later) Blossom Goodchild talks about YET ANOHTER ‘prediction’ of a world lockdown and Janine cards says that Blossom channeling of "Native American Indian Spirit Energy ‘White Cloud’ is legit. UK Queen is a CGI, cards says!... 👊MASSMEDIA: 👉As we speak, Ottawa police, threaten arrests for sharing fuel with Freedom Convoy. Aim is to deprive protesters of ‘material support’. Ottawa mayor seeks federal assistance declares state of emergency over Freedom Convoy. citing “serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents,”... 👊JACOB ISRAEL: 👉 Something Shocking Is Happening at Super Bowl LVI - 56! PS: Yes Jacob is a bit (mucho loco) and very Christian, but funny to watch. As we all know Superbowl is the hideout for Elites promoting #GlobalPedoGate in halftime shows inside the commercials.... |



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