Feb 7, 2022

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (Semper Supra - “always above.”) Top Secret Man-Made TR-3B Flying Triangle Now Shows Up Everywhere (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: With all due respect, SoTW, not so fond of "Secureteam10", per se. Tyler who "profit" from crappy (be nice SoTW) UFO merchandises that has turned his channel into household income, with very little insider knowledge and his slogan (what do you think?). His movie (Rise of The TR3B) is a bit amateurish, no new info - there's nothing new other than a few wacky conspiracy theories about triangle shapes being used on space-related arm patches. I have meet Richard Dolan in Copenhagen, and USA, was not able to talk to him though, too big of a fan crowd, but I like him... Area 51, as you know, is located in the north central part of the Nellis Range and is designated as Area 51. But in reality, all eyes should be focused on the Base called "S-4" that was finally proven found at Papoose Mountains south of Area 51. Was contacted by a It-guy from EG&G, at a MUFON conference. This specific company runs security and the (secret) codename, called Airline JANET, that the government uses to covertly ferry people around. UFO researcher has discovered that Area 51 employees are (also) using (in secret a subcontractor) called SAS - SCANDINAVIAN AIRLINES to/from The Tonopah Test Range (TTR). Proof on my blog (use link). Yes, what the HECK is a civilian airliner, like SAS, doing around top-secret military installations, you might ask. Perhaps by now, you understand why designed "chemtrail" planes or commercial aircrafts has been allowed in Danish airspace, since 1990's (or before)... |

SoTW - Been-there done-that 


SoTW - Been-there done-that 

PS: I used to work, a short while, at The Royal Danish Air Force, and so have always been interested with (secret) US Air Force Special Operations and all their (secret) spyplanes, stealth Fighters and bombers, like NASA SR-71s, XB-70 Valkyrie 1964 or F-117 stealth Fighter and what have you - there's so many. 

Later on, (Secret ) Space Force Programs. The SR-71, TR-1, F-117, B-2, TR-3A Manta, and Flying Triangle, the TR-3B Astra were tested at Groom. 

The really big spaceship carries from Solar Warden is Tompkins “Heavy Transport” (Design) Length: 5,280 ft., Adamski “Mother Ship” Length: ~1,200 feet and USSS Hillenkoetter Length: 991 feet (atleast according to T.L. Keller). 

That was back then in the 1980's nowadays, spaceships looks like Star Trek - Discovery (series) and Star Wars cruisers, I've heard. Can you imagine an USS Vengeance - Dreadnought-class and Battlestar Galactica?
SoTW:  ABOVE pic - this is part of the Solar Warden Armada fleet - some say it's actually a REAL photo (sorry missing article)

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