Jan 4, 2022

🔴🔮🃏 ~ (TBJ + JC Videos of Interest) Original "Male" Deep State Party-Substance VIP Betty White & Barbara Bush "daughters" of Aleister Crowley. Secret DEW fire in Colorado. EBS message Hawaii under Martial law. Only movie playing after 6th is 'The 355'. Romania, just blank dates after 6th. Trump to hold news conference 6th. Jesuit Christmas good for Humanity event?. Powerful woman comes forward -perhaps Diana, Princess of Wales? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: After the New Years Eve, I got really depressed and kinda sad or spiritual exhausted, as already mentioned, precisely like Janine and JeanClaude... 🙅‍♂️PS: SoTW don't get into any of the Beyond Mystic Pay Per Views or Woo Woo videos of longer videos. SoTW do not pay attention to all the cryptotalk (Silver is okay - Big Thumbs Up) they put out and never follow Clif High (simple do not resonate with me as of Max Igan sometimes, foul and abusive language etc.)...🥴NOTE: SoTW has heaped its followers on bad news weeks after week out over the past 19 months, since, the Plan[Demic] Corona[Scare] started. There's been a long way between the bright spots, but now maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel? Actually, I do NOT "trust" any politicians in the world, that includes Mr. Trump (a 'wildcard' to wake up people - but no more). Trump was and will not again be president - maybe - appointed on an intermittent basis only, until the REAL president or the First President of the New Republic, will step out from the "shadow government" that is now in White Hats control. AND I have asked my higher self 4 times during 1 year time, same result; A POWERFUL POPULAR WOMAN, outside DNC and RNC, is gonna be the New Republic President or Leader of America... |

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