Jan 13, 2022

📰🍿❌ ~ (Russophobia, False Flags, Ten Days of Darkness, EBS, Mass Psychosis Over Covid) Restored Republic via a GCR (DC) ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ... BREAKING: Supreme Court halts Biden's COVID-19 mandates for large employers...“Air Miles Andy” or “Randy Andy” or “Playboy Prince” loses military titles and patronages... PS: From Simon Parkes; "Now that Prince Andrew is to face a court case where he is accused of sex assault on a minor, insiders are saying he will be forced to pay 3 million in damages. This is why he is thinking of selling his Swiss ski chalet as the British crown has so far refused to bail him out."... |



Restored Republic via a GCR as of January 13, 2021


Compiled Thurs. 13 Jan. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

“You are more powerful than you know, and they fear the day you discover it.”
They fear you. 
They fear you being Awake. 
They fear you waking up others. 
They fear you being Armed. 
They fear you speaking up. 
They fear you speaking out. 
They fear you standing up. 
They fear you resisting. 
They fear your rebelling. 
They fear you revolting. 
They fear you Not Complying. 
They fear you banding together. 
They fear you standing together. 
They fear you coordinating. 
They fear you learning YOU are the majority. 
They fear you realizing your power. 
They fear you using your power. 
They Fear YOU.
…Maryann Chambers

Let It Go – Frozen – Alex Boyé (Africanized Tribal Cover) Ft. One Voice Children’s Choir – YouTube

Quantum Computer Activated.
We Are Go
Digital War

…White Hats

Defcon Level 3
EBS Imminent


“Battle Hymn of the Republic” w/ the Mormon Tabernacle Choir LIVE from West Point | West Point Band – YouTube

C. The Real News for Wed. 12 Jan. 2022:

Wars and Rumors of Wars:

  • Russia-NATO security talks are underway in Brussels – and broke off after four hours.
  • US forced to halt West Coast flights during North Korean ballistic missile tests. The Federal Aviation Authority paused a number of flights Tuesday along the West Coast after Pyongyang test-launched a ballistic missile. (AFP)
  • White House Supports Democrats’ Proposed Sanctions Bill Against Russia (Washington Post citing National Security Council).
  • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un officially attended the test of a hypersonic missile and called for boosting the country’s strategic military forces, state media said: https://reut.rs/3JZ5IO1

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