Jan 13, 2022

πŸ§ŸπŸ•΄️πŸ•Ά️ ~ (Truther-Tucker Carlson comparing Nancy Pelosi to "Man In The Mirror" and "Stranger In Moscow" hitmaker Michael Jackson) Tarot by Janine with Catherine 12th Jan 22: Michael Jackson, Boris, Andrew & More Disclosure! (Catherine Edwards) ~ | Blogger: LET'S PAAAARTYYYY!πŸ₯³.... πŸ™‹Janine - Is Nasty-Nancy = Mr. J? a big YEEEEEES! WHAAAT!🀣... Other questions to be answered in this video after Janine's zombie apocalypse false flag dream; We are in the middle of a disinformation-war; both VakZine-Covid-Kill-Shot & Placebo VakZines - they talk about people like Aaron Siri of Siri & Glimstad, Riccardo Bosi, Dr. Fuellmich and known athletics, fighting back, a whole team that is working for Humanity and it is going to explode soon to benefit us all... We need to work with the Universe, Janine says... The Ghislaine Maxwell case and mistrial = 'movie' (trust she's being processed)... The clown king 'booze' party is about NOT trusting the government (justice is coming)... Both Janine's card and judge rules, that Novak Djokovic can remain in Australia - it was all a strategic move to embarrassed the Aussie govt... All the 50 rioters sentenced for January 6 insurrection is a lot about victim mentality strategic, take it down a notch... Will 'free energy' be released this year in 2022? Yeeees... ✌️SECOND video with JeanClaude ONE unique topic caught my eye; Venusians contacted people in their dreams for awakening purposes and other, especially woman, who dreamt about other peoples children, who they felt, were suddenly, responsibility off (it could have something to do with 'rescued children', or children from Dark-Cult families who needs a home or pedo-DUMBS kids who needs foster-care)... |

Michael Jackson's Untold Connection with Donald Trump | the detail


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