Dec 22, 2021

⚠️πŸš©πŸ•Š️~ (FATAL COMBAT ANTARCTICA WHITE HAT LOCKDOWNS!?!) Breaking News - No Boris Don't Do It (Charlie Ward) ~ | Blogger: We're still in some sought of Spiritual War and perhaps soon, Physical War (like) situation, buuutt, the victory, that marked a turn of the tide in the war, as allied troops are ready to finish of their enemies (offworld bosses has now been defeated) is so, so close now to benefit Humanity. Only remains is small pocket of Earthly "minions"... Holland already in Lockdown, Germany, Portugal, France and Denmark imposes new measures that looks like a lockdown etc. etc. - it has NOHTING to do with the Coronavirus... What we're all been waiting for right? Victory and Vision of a New Earth - 3D Earth are numbered - and beginning of 5D Golden Age of Isis, beginning a New Era on Earth (also known as the Aquarian Age). Belief in God, ourselves and others, purity and spiritual strength, love, kindness, forgiveness, tolerance, labour, the Mankind, and knowledge of the creation of the Cosmohumanistic Civilization and Galactic Healing Technology Booster... Simon Parkes told us already in his latest CC-Christmas video message about UK lockdown... Brad Johnson now confirm with his latest New Earth Teaching, what Tarot By Janine told us in the new video (Big Deal South Pole). That, the FATAL-BLOW was what transpired when Cabal leaders (Klaus Schwab/WEF & Christine Lagarde/ECB) went to Antarctica to surrender to ET's and Earth Alliance (counter-forces). Also confirmed by Dr. Salla, Elena Danaan (Thor Han Eredyon), Alex Collier and more... Corey Goode and David Wilcock, (ENDGAME II) and more, have discussed the huuuge importance about Antarctica, for years and years. The Rothschild-Cabal-illumnati-dark-empire (call them what you wish) Antarctica, where Obama and all leaders went to get their Marching Orders are GONE! Taken over by the "Good Guys" - in the making and preparing for years... |


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