Dec 18, 2021

๐Ÿ†”2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ ~ (Free Will-White Hat-Hammer Trump-Time) Miscellaneous - Sat Dec 18th, 2021 (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson predicted that 5G internet will cover up to 65% of the world's population by the end of 2025. As of February 2021, over 30% of the world's countries have access to 5G... The French government to push for mandatory vax for health employees and Vaccine pass to replace health pass, and Denmark, has another hard lockdown (like Holland soon to be) with introduction of mandatory MitID, a new electronic ID in Denmark, replacing NemID. It's a Clear and Present Danger situation for We, The People, to get ready and forced to comply. Converting the analog 'Human' into a 'Digital signal', with 5G and Biometrics RFID IoTs (soon 6G and 7G) combined with COVID vaccine-chipping, Elon Musk brain chip, Digital Vaccine passports, Smart Cities, Digital Crypto wallets etc. was always the MASTER PLAN for Immunization / Transhumanism / Transgenderism Agenda 21 (2030)... |

What is ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies & Gates Foundation allies. It’s an electronic ID program that uses Vaccination as a platform for Digital Identity. Agenda ID2020, if carried out, is the ultimate control over the world population. It is a mechanism that would allow controlling every movement of each one of the 8-plus billion people of planet earth, including everyone’s health records, cash flows, bank accounts, as well as our behavior...

๐Ÿค” Why is Cobra2012 blog calling his meditation for "Booster"? 

Cobra from Prepare for Change, the Event & Resistance movement (check out Let's just said is as it is. Cobra RM (a multiple by 5 larger than 100K Simon Parkes, spiritual organization) which SoTW, once a true guru-follower alongside my ex-girlfriend, she were to become the next high priestess of Earth, last was Isis Astara, killed by (xxx censored). The very top core group of the hierarchy of Cobra RM, has left Cobra, myself on SoTW in 2018 (a paying dummy and close to core group due to my ex-girlfriend) and later others, like Steve / Anita, Untwine, who were in the core group working for free (>5 years). Anyways, I find it odd, that Cobra RM wish to get >165.000 people to sign a Planetary Liberation petition form, at the same time in our last "booster" meditation to help reaching the critical mass. Sign a form = accept 'booster' meditation aka 'vaccination + CV-passport'? Benjamin Fulford will join this mediation and other celebs..  Sorry it just gives me the creeps...

๐Ÿค”It looks serious. Are the Military, White House and Israel waiting a *LIVE* major cyberattacks?

So first Israel has a DRILL on a new Corona variant and next Cyber DRILL...

SOTW FACT-CHECKING: The new Omicron variant was 1st reported to the WHO from South Africa on "24" Nov 2021. Strange that is, Israel, kicked off a ‘Covid war games’, a 'Drill', Nov 10, 2021 and it became a LIVE event. But actually, Omicron variant was first reported in Botswana 11 November 2021 and 14 November in South Africa. Some say, it was discovered long time before November and 
Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas claims the newest COVID variant was created by Democrats to "CHEAT during an election"

๐Ÿค” Denmark to close theaters, cinemas, and concert venues amid record daily Covid cases – PM.

Why is MitID a wheel, like WEF's Strategic Intelligence Platform: Migration and COVID-spike? If you do not accept MitID, you cannot get access to your bank account via Netbanking, doctor, hospital, government mandatory e-boks etc. etc. you will become a citizen off the Matrix grid     

Dec 16, Denmark, called it a "tidal wave". Today CDC is doing the same thing. Yesterday Denmark called it a Hard Winter - so did Joe Biden in November ('Very Dark Winter'). Yesterday, Danish PM, told us all its 'Viral to get the COVID and Booster shot'. Yesterday before that, Joe Biden (‘Winter of Death is coming for the Unvaccinated’)... CAN YOU SEE OR ARE YOU BLIND?   


๐Ÿค” Here we go again, NN blame it on 5G

Some even says - Covid-19 is a Smokescreen for 5G Radiation Sickness. But it's proven that the Chinamen who dropped dead to the ground at the same time, CCP-China enabled it's 5G, at November 2019, blanket China with more than 130,000 5G base stations. At the same time, Corona arrived in Wuhan.

๐Ÿค”2020. The Year of the Fraud.

Italy drastically reduced the country’s official Covid-19 death count by over 97%. This means Covid killed fewer people than…an average seasonal flu.

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