Nov 8, 2021

🚸🛡️🧿 ~ (Short Viral Videos of Interest) The vakkZine HUNT for our Kids & Teens: Taken their Souls From Sesame Street, to Pfizer Ad SuperKids to 10-Year-Old Hospitalized After Incident at Travis Scott's Satanical Event and much more! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🤜It is stomach-turning-bad how the rulers of Earth through the state media and large tech platforms are tossing out their 'vaccine' propaganda - to get a needle in every arm on the globe. Right now it's the 5-11 years old turn🤛] ... The rest of the videos are self-expandable... Janine's is kinda not but has everything to do with our kids (Evergreen Marine Ever Given thousand trafficked children)... The BIG wrap-up (final takedown of Cabal, DS, WH) is gonna be in January of 2022. SoTW Higher Self said both of Jan/Feb 2022 many things is gonna happen. Apparently, acc. to Janine, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was NOT arrested - all part of a White-Hat Operation and Mr. Bourla, was in on it. Be careful of stories being put out because the BlackHats are trying to divide us and right now there's so low energy, among the "truthers", says Janine. It's all part of, or at least, the arrest story of Pfizer bossman, was to prepare us "Earthlings", by help from off-worlders WhiteHats, to do as little damage to our physics as possible, and the vast amount of information getting out is for us all to be able to sink it in slowly, especially people in the "normie-land" who don't KNOW anything about this stuff. I.e., be able to absorb the information, without even consciously knowing it and when the info comes out (in MSM news) they will have an unconsciously knowing, its true, says Janine.. Well, sounds good to me at SoTW... Anyways, Janine goes into more about the Ever Given Suez Canal incident and the Child Trafficking rescue theories, that really, really hurt the BlackHats on a profound level (Janine has told us, that Danish Maersk Shipping has also been involved in Human Trafficking in others videos - so the rumors are)... NOTE: Ex-Navy SEAL Michael Jaco has also been out warning that disinformation is running rampant in the truther community... |

PS: For people who dont know - A massive container ship suffered “a blackout” according to Reuters, blocking one of the most important waterways in the world, the Suez Canal. The situation has a lot of eerie coincidences in regard to the apparent “silent war” against the deep state, fueling speculation that the fiasco could be a “white-hat operation,” conducted by US + Russian Special Forces, connected to child trafficking and rescue operations. The Seals also found Weapons of Mass Destruction on the six story high vessel – which were believed destined to start a war in the Middle East.... |   

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