Nov 30, 2021

🎴🎱✨ ~ ('Redos of everything: This time next year our world looks completely different and has rebirth itself.') DEEP LOOK INTO THE SHADOW WORLD: WORLD SITUATION CHECK IN - PLANS WITHIN PLANS! TERRAIN SHIFTING! ~ | Blogger: (SoTW outside this report) -- C'mon already! Right? Let the Solar Flash (EVENT) commence, we are stocked in the Matrix!!... It's hard for me to bypass Janine these days, she is awesome, like Simon Parkes CC. But, not much is comin out from Simon and others. White Hats and all its allies, seem to have put a stop to it all? Of course not, but just as crucially the Earth Alliance seemed to doing operations behind the scene, We, The People, cannot be holding in a waiting pattern, for ever and ever! WE NEED to have some formal disclosure in the public domain - it's a given... What is the validity of Tarot card readings? Well, depends who's reading them right? My perspective is that a tarot deck is a very old, very comprehensive representation of the human condition. Just about everything we go through in our lives is in there somewhere; loss, love, mystery, alienation, creativity, struggle, sex, death, grief - the list goes on. However, for Janine, I recon, it's also her main income business, and some of us, has no income at all and still waiting for the BIG EVENT, outside the 3-D Matrix of illusion. You might claim, that the EVENT, is what HU-manity has to undergo, transmute and transformation of inner spiritual awakening symptoms, signs, process, and stages. And IF, humans are not able to do that, with distractions of new corona variants, rising gasprices and vax mandate, the Solar Flash EVENT will be activated, and then, well, most Earthlings, will be blown away with changes, going so fast, it will be like thrown into a strong tornado... |

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