Oct 26, 2021

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ ('Semper Supra': Rocket Fuel & people in future still floating inside Ikea-like stackable houses in space - give me a break!) Announcing Orbital Reef - Your Address in Orbit (Blue Origin) ~ | Blogger: For the "fastest sleepers" in the "normie-land" it's amazing that Blue Origin unveils futuristic sketches of orbital station, hoping to launch the “business park” - which will be open to tourists who got the money - into low orbit by the end of the decade... I'm sorry, it might be "Soft Disclosure", but to me, this a really, really embarrassing / clumsy / silly / storytelling, that depicts, SPACE and our UNIVERSE, as this mission-impossible futuristic sensational event, that normal people can soon travel to.... Buuutt, nooooo guys... This might be badass-breaking news as for the 99% of the "fastest sleepers", but the rest of us, X-files - I want to believe-fans, we understand that, SSP has already 1,5 kilometer long spaceships in our solar system that can travel with Warp Speed, Zero-Point Energy to other galaxies. ISS Space station living quarters is NOTHING to these enormous Solar Warden spaceships. It's like waking and talking on Earth and there's no weightlessness. The Secret Solar Warden Space Fleet that operates under the US Naval Network and Space Operations Command (NNSOC) [formerly Naval Space Command] since 1980's. Some say, we already have 2 gigantic cloaked Spacestations in LEO, similar to James Bond movie "Moonraker". And no, it's not about, Megalomaniac Hugo Drax plans to destroy all human life on the planet by launching nerve gas-filled spheres from his 'cloaked' space station. It's easy to beleive in The US Air Force's 'rods from god' and other DEW space weapons... You most understand we are dealing with a HUUUGE empire in space since 1980's but it goes all the way back to The Roswell incident 1947 crash and the 20 major countries spacefaring are all in on it... Three out of twenty biggest earth-based space programs consist of America, China-Russia and European Space Agency, already operating in Space and beyond our solar system (with a number of Extraterrestrial EBS enrolled)... |

Bezos’ aerospace firm and its partner Sierra Space unveiled the plans on Monday in a joint press release, saying they are aiming to build “a commercially developed, owned, and operated space station” dubbed the “Orbital Reef,” which they intend to have up and running in some capacity sometime between 2025 and 2030. ~ RT (com)

PS: (blogger) According to Corey Goode, there are five 'SSP groupings or fractions' 
  1. Solar Warden. 
  2. Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC). 
  3. Dark Fleet. 
  4. "NATO type SSP". 
The latest news from exopolitics.org is the Star Trek future is slowly being birthed before our very eyes - and we are being helped by some powerful extraterrestrial galactic friends in this huge undertaking by - the Galactic Federation of Worlds. As we speak, the bad ET's (Nazi dark fleet) are running or has been destroyed and in comes new Star Trek or Star Wars beginnings with benevolent Star Nations and the days to come... 

Yes, it might seems crazy, that Bezos, Branson & Musk secretly travel to Jupiter for negotiations with the Galactic Federation - are you NUTS?. That is according to Dr. Salla's military sources, Megan Rose and  Elena Danaan... How the h*ll should I know?... Nothing is ever what it seems... 

πŸ––NOTE: I have added One of the first lectures at IUFOC by T. L. Keller, called "Spacecraft Carriers," at the 2018 International UFO Congress which SoTW talked to and listen to a Vegas MUFON event with William Mills Thompkins, before he died... |

Ufo Congress Final by tim

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