Oct 26, 2021

⚠️📢👂 ~ (Possible Military Activity, Communications Disruptions, or Curfew) Based On Latest Conversations... (SP) ~ | Blogger: I have lost, let's call it that, 5 people in the past years to cancer. Even more old friends, because who I AM. Still got my mom, dad, sister and nieces bio-family, but lost 1 bio-daughter, 1 stepdaughter, cause of who I AM. I have left the banking and lost all friends in there aswell, because who I AM... This just in from Simon Parkes. No more explanation than what is given here. Can't wait to jump on the New Connecting Consciousness Community Platform. There's 95.000 members now WW mostly in the English speaking countries, like America, England, Ireland and Australia (i think) and in Denmark, 350 people which is a lot compared to the small country... [READ MORE]... |

Simon Parkes Official 

Oct 25, 2021

Based on the latest conversations I have had I am formally asking CC Coordinators to follow through on the emergency zoom that was called at short notice with the country coordinators.

Please will country coordinators prepare your regional coordinators for the situations that I discussed with you.

In particular any military activity to take place in your country, any disruption to communications, and any curfew that may be ordered.

Please remind the Teams to support members and to remain steadfast in what will most likely be only a short period of time.

Thank you



(blogger: continues) 

However, more and more Influx of new members in any spiritual organization really, also attracts certain let's say "Immature Audience" as I have personally seen in Cobra2012 RM, which is as big, if not bigger. I have left Cobra for a number of reasons, but was high up there and kinda (lost) my girlfriend at that time, because my discomfort and some weird stuff, that was going on at upper/top/higher echelons (said very mildly) . She is now out, so is many other VIP members like Steve / Anita, Untwine, that was working their ass off for free, and unfortunately it has something to do with MONEY (as always) and the Dark Cult aka Black Magicians aka AI aggressive ET's etc. E.g. - in 2018 the leader of Cobra made at least €100.000 in 2 days conference session with 500 participants in Brazil (i was there) and nobody had any idea, where that money went. And no, it did not go to "Island of Light project" (which is now closed). I left running the DK-Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network (SoTR) and more people got upset. I do support the DK Tachyon Chambers... However, I think CC is amazing place because it's really "service to others" and there's no money involved (not yet) or anything in that nature and the coordinators in every country, is just amazing. Could be compared to James Gilliland ECETI-ranch community. That said, I'm no guru-follower and never will be - I have developed my own skilled mastery and inner sensing and of course, BS-alert... |

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