Oct 26, 2021

👥🎬📽️ ~ (Bodysuit: Gimme+that+woo-woo-rah-rah O Savin, Vincent Fusca, JFK Jr., Jim Caviezel moment) LIVESTREAM: TAROT READINGS BY JANINE & JeanClaude@BeyondMystic + TAROT BY JANINE LOOKS AT JUAN O SAVIN "REVEAL" And THE ALEC B SITUATION...Whats Going on?? ~ | Blogger: The so-called "JUAN O SAVIN" on stage in Vegas was a "body disguise" just to mess with everybody (WH still wanna his real identity to be hidden)... Guess what - Alex Baldwin (Dark Cult) shooting a Ukrainian spy, Halyna Hutchins, was a Psyop (A White Hat Signal). Alex is well hidden (GITM0-spas, under lock and key, dead or rounded up) according to JANINE and the woman (Halyna Hutchins) didn't leave the Earth-plane because she was ready to make a (disclosure) movie... Funny, JeanClaude and Janine had a mysterious card reading, that a "woman" will come out after fake Creepy-China-Corona Joe Biden is leaving. It can't be "Chameleon" Harris, because she is technical a "man" (said Janine)... SoTW told you so... |




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